Fox boss says “Glee” will take its New York storylines “to the next step”


It’s upfronts week in the wide world of television, which means a whole bunch of critics are locked in a room with all the big networks, watching TV pilots and asking questions and trying to memorize this fall’s primetime schedule. It also means that network execs — most of whom aren’t on Twitter fielding questions all the days and all the nights like their showrunners and writers — have to do the tough work of answering questions about their current TV lineups. Fox boss Kevin Reilly has mostly been answering questions about how come Bones and American Idol are never going to die, but today he dropped some hints about the next two seasons of Glee to

I don’t want to say that we’re marching towards an end. We have two more seasons, which speaks to the confidence of the show and how important it is to us and our belief in Ryan [Murphy]. We’re going to take it two seasons at a time. But, there will be progression in the story. I think that will be the fun thing for the fans. It’s not going to be a static two seasons. We’re going to continue with graduation. When the show was really at its height, there were cross-over fans. The show has been very steady all year, and a really solid performer. The core fans were really happy with what went on there, creatively. So, we want to lock those in and keep them engaged in new things. New York was a really great addition to the show this year. So, there are going to be graduations and we’re going to be taking New York to the next step, in that adventure, and then there will be some really interesting mini-arcs, like we’ve done with our guest actors.

“When the show was really at its height” kind of feels like a confession that it’s on a downhill spiral. But then, Reilley might have been bamboozled when he was giving this interview, because he also didn’t appear to have a firm grasp of the phrase “really happy” (“…The core fans were really happy…”). But the main thing I want to talk about is this little doozy:

… and we’re going to be taking New York to the next step, in that adventure…

You know what that means? Santana Lopez is going to the next step, which means Santana Lopez is going to be back in full-force in season five, which means there’s still a reason to watch this show! I confess that I was worried Glee was going to drop the New York stuff altogether, even though every critic on earth seems to agree that it’s the best part of the show (both the New York story arcs and Naya Rivera‘s mad skills). I guess Ryan Murphy and Kevin Reilly have their pulse on that conversation, at least!

Nothing would thrill me more than Glee focusing most of its attention next season on the happenings in the Hummelpezberry loft. Rachel and Kurt and Santana are the characters that actually make me “really happy.”

What do you think of the news that Santana’s heading to the next step? Which storylines do you wish Glee would focus on more, and which ones do you think they should just drop altogether?

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