Hilarie Burton on Her Homewrecking Ways on “Grey’s Anatomy”


“This skeleton is a metaphor for the carcass of Calzona.”

Well, my dears, the presumably jaw-dropping two-part Grey’s Anatomy finale is finally upon us, which means we’re only a few hours (and/or days) away from learning what Calzona scene left the entire cast shocked and awed at the final table read of season nine. Before we hold hands and form our prayer circle and start drinking, let’s take a look at what Hilarie Burton (aka Dr. Peyton Tree Hill) has been saying about her character’s homewrecking ways in tonight’s episode.

Firstly, Buton chatted to TV Line about Dr. Peyton’s nefariousness:

TVLine: So we’ve met Lauren and she’s sweet on Arizona (played by Jessica Capshaw), but Arizona is married. Ready, set, defend your character’s actions.

Hilarie Burton: Arizona a really good-looking woman! She is everything that you’d want in a woman. She has overcome so much, she’s super-smart, she’s super-beautiful…. If there is a wedge in her relationship [with Callie], you better believe Lauren is the kind of person that will hammer it in a bit. You don’t let those opportunities pass you by. That’s how Lauren would defend it; Hilarie Burton is like, “Oh God, I’ve got to break up a marriage?! This feels awful!” [Laughs] I know people are hating my guts, but I hope that I’m portraying Lauren in a way that she’s engaging and fun, and that it makes Arizona’s decision hard. If I came in and played a sleazy character, it would make Arizona look kind of flip, to keep flirting back. But by coming in and trying to be someone who is supportive and in awe of her, and is everything that maybe she’s lacked in her other relationship, I want to be able to justify her character’s decision.

Hey, Arizona, you’ve got your own baby at home, and I mean that in more ways than one.

She also spoke with The Hollywood Reporter in one of my favorite interviews ever, not only because it’s really interesting, but also because Lesley Goldberg asks Burton in about 11 different ways where her character gets off trying to bust up one of the best lesbian relationships in the history of TV.

THR: Looking at the choices Arizona has, is this a story about her regaining control over her life after rushing her recovery from the plane crash and perhaps feeling something for herself again?

Burton: The story is about being human. We’re faced every day with really difficult decisions; the impulsive things that feel good or the noble choices that might leave us frustrated and feel like we’re lacking but are the right thing to do. Finding the balance between those two things is an ongoing battle that everyone faces. It’s not just doctors on TV, which is why viewers relate so much to these characters because these are things that everybody goes up against. I want to come in and be likable because that’s what makes Arizona’s struggle interesting.

For real, you should give that whole interview a read.

Burton seems like a lovely, articulate woman who really understands both her character and the human condition. Also, she needs to stay the hell away from Callie and Arizona, dammit.

How are you feeling about tonight’s Grey’s finale? Want us to assign an AfterEllen writer to hold you until then?

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