“Bomb Girls” recap (2.12): A residual belch of moxie.


Previously on Bomb Girls, a miracle occurred. In the twentieth century’s darkest hour, a beacon of light shone. That beacon was Victory Munitions and it drew women to it like the Star of Bethlehem, to be healed, to be inspired, and to fight for the good of humanity. And from this pool of strong Canadian women, a pantheon of stars emerged, each brighter than the next. There was Gladys, tireless in her defense of her friends, her quest for justice, and her goal of sartorial perfection. There was Lorna, willing to do whatever was necessary to ensure that the next generation of women had it easier than hers. There was Vera, fearless in the face of societal scorn, but never too tough to be vulnerable. There was Kate, who hid a razor sharp will to survive under a camouflage of innocence. And there was Betty, who risked the most, who gave the most, who grinned and swaggered and fought her way into our hearts forever. I say this not as a goodbye, but as an introduction.

The finale opens with Kate and her mother returning to the boarding house after having one of those little facts-of-life chats in which a woman explains to her daughter that she was really alive this whole entire time. They are ambushed by a surprise bachelorette party, which has Betty’s maid of honor fingerprints all over it.

There’s an umbrella full of presents and we’re going to play catch. DID I DO GOOD??

And you can just see Kate frantically running through her options, like: fake a seizure? Put a lampshade on her head and quietly back out of the room? But no. There’s nothing else for it but to announce that the lady with her is her miraculously alive mother, which presumably, everyone is drunk enough to just go along with, because the scene cuts straight to them playing pass the bouquet. And could we not have a slightly sexier game up in here? At least Carol would have brought some oranges and we could have some awkward neck touching.

Hellbent on blowing her daughter’s cover is Mama Rowley, who refuses to go along with the story that SHE MADE UP FOR HER. So what I’m getting from this is that Kate gets the soft exterior thing from her mom and the stop-at-nothing-to-crush-the-souls-of-mine-enemies thing from her dad. Speaking of old Pastor Rowley, it was my dearest hope that the writers had simply forgot about his demise. But this isn’t Glee and apparently there is like, a room where they keep all this stuff written down. Kate’s mom has shown up to inform Kate that the police haven’t forgotten either. The camera lingers on Betty’s face, partly as foreshadowing for dummies, and partly, one assumes, just because it is the very best face.

The next day, everyone flocks to the factory to donate blood, which is kind of a perfect metaphorical device for the season finale. Like, THIS is how much everyone is giving now: their precious bodily fluids. Lorna is super mistrustful of this whole business, mostly because it is orchestrated by the daughter-stealing Dr. Patel. He has also threatened to help Bob walk again, which means she will have lost total control of TWO members of her family to the handsome, sensitive doctor (hi, Gabe Grey!).

Gladys is sneaking in to donate her third or fourth pint of blood, when she runs into “Clifford” who announces that he will soon be leaving Vic Mu to go back to acting school spy school. He asks Gladys to meet him after work so he can show her the top secret project he has been working on, because he has never been clear about what “top secret” means.

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