“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “Can’t Fight This Feeling” (9.19)


In the first 30 seconds of last night’s episode,Arizona disrobes to “help” Callie with her upcoming speech at TED Talk. I wish every episode started off this way.

Grey’s Anatomy’s “Can’t Fight this Feeling” is all about trusting your intuition. Sarah Chalke (Rosanne’s Becky #2) guest stars as a single mother who instinctively knows something is wrong with her child even though his lab tests keep coming back negative.

After many tests intern Jo calls for a psychiatrist to talk to Chalke to find out if she’s just being a dramatic mother. Luckily, Meredith overhears Chalke calling out for someone to believe her. Meredith, being a mother herself, dedicates herself to Chalke, her son and finding the cure for whatever ails him.

Meredith lays down the law to Chalke, “I own the hospital, I can do whatever I want. I’m going to do more tests.”

Hells yeah you do!

This week, there is a tanker accident on the highway and patients start rolling into Grey Sloan Memorial. Bailey is dealing with a condescending patient who is covered in gasoline. This man is told he can’t smoke but the doesn’t stop the jackass from going outside, lighting up and catching himself on fire.

With all the chaos from the tanker accident, a little boy is lost and wandering the halls looking for his parents. Owen befriends and takes care of this young boy, Ethan, whose parents are both in surgery and fighting for their lives. (Why does the Chief of Surgery have so much time to hang out?) I’m concerned that Owen’s relationship with his little BFF might be setting us up for Owen desperately wanting to have children again, which will (once again) force him and Cristina to break up. Am I getting ahead of myself? Don’t worry, both of the kid’s parents are still alive at the end of the episode so I’m assuming Owen won’t be trying to take the little boy home like a stray dog.

Since there are emergency surgeries left and right, Callie can’t leave so she is forced to cancel her TED conference speech.

Arizona pipes up, “Look at it this way: Now you have time to spice up your speech for next year.”

Callie snaps back, “Spice it up?!”

(Arizona, gurl! You are now in serious hot water with your wife!)

Yes, Callie’s speech was a little robotic but she was really looking forward to this event.

And since this is Grey’s Anatomy, there are a few love triangles going down. What else should we expect?

Love Triangle # 1 Alex-Jo-Jason

Alex is still mooning over intern Jo and referring to her new boyfriend Jason as a “douche.” Hey Alex, douches that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw douchey stones.

Love Triangle # 2 Avery-April-Matthew

April’s virgin boyfriend Matthew shows up as a patient because a large part of his body has been burned. Matthew used himself as a human shield when the tanker exploded to protect the others around him. (Dear Matthew, Just because you’re a virgin, incredibly heroic and selfless doesn’t mean you’re getting a better spot in heaven than I am! My wife and I already have our VIP tickets to the pearly gates. Love, Bridget. p.s. Ok, we’re on the waiting list.)

Meanwhile, April is tending to a young female patient who gives birth and then dies. Avery consoles April, they almost kiss but then Alex interrupts them because, well, he’s Alex and he sucks. April thinks that maybe God has a plan for her and Avery to be together. April goes to discuss this revelation with Matthew but he misunderstands and says he loves her too. (Dear Matthew, April wasn’t telling you that she loves you, she was trying to dump you! Love, Bridget.) I’m not sure why I have such disdain for Matthew, but apparently I really do.

Love Triangle # 3 Intern Shane-Derek-Intern Heather

Per Owen’s request, intern Heather adds herself to the medical duo that is Derek and intern Shane. (Owen thinks Derek plays favorites and wants him to share his neuro-knowledge with all of the interns.) At first Derek doesn’t warm up to Heather, probably because she won’t stop chit-chatting while he’s operating, but soon Derek sees the value of Heather’s fast moving hands. (That wasn’t supposed to come out as awkward as it did.) In the end, Derek puts Heather on his service and says goodbye to Shane.

Now back to Meredith’s little patient, already in progress…

After numerous medical tests, mother Chalke’s extensive online research and a false positive on her son’s strep throat test Meredith figures out the boy has Kawasaki disease, which can cause permanent heart damage. The boy has been suffering for 10 days but Meredith is able to treat him and promises he will be right as rain.

After dealing with a distraught mother all day, Meredith shows up in Bailey’s genome lab with Zola in tow asking for them both to be “mapped.” Meredith wants to know everything about her adopted daughter and find out once and for all if she will get Alzheimer’s like her mother did. This is a very heavy moment between the two women. Bailey nods in agreement that the tests should be done. Good luck, Mere!

What about Calzona, you ask? Well, Richard and Arizona make special arrangements for Callie to do her cartilage TED speech via live video stream. Callie is visibly nervous and Arizona encourages her wife to just be herself. Callie takes a deep breath, puts down the cue cards and starts talking from her heart. Callie introduces herself, explains the horrendous year she has had (e.g. almost dying in a car accident, Mark’s death, Arizona’s trauma) and then she brings it all back to cartilage, which is “what holds us together when things fall apart.” Great job Callie!

What did you think of this episode?

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