Something witchy this way comes next on “Lost Girl”


We’ve had a tough couple of weeks what with the Yawning Dawning, The Slap and The Break. So now, it’s time – hopefully – for a little fun. So get ready for the Witches of Faewick.

New promos for the next episode of Lost Girl, “Adventures in Fae-bysitting,” are up and something witchy this way comes. Hold on to your boots, hotties be invading.

With only three episodes left this season, it’s time for Bo and Kenzi to go back to their detective roots. The episode synopsis says our BFFs will “attempt to entrench themselves in a gated community after a babysitter asks them to investigate the suspicious death of her employer.” But, more interesting to all of Team Doccubus fans in mourning, is this tidbit: “Elsewhere, Lauren arrives at a difficult, and possibly dangerous, decision.”

Lauren is in trouble? You know Bo is going to be all over that like Lassie.

An extended clip of the episode shows Bo possibly using her “escape to the suburbs” as a way to get over her break (not a breakup, a break, dammit). Or perhaps I’m just projecting.

I believe these are the first witches, besides Baba Yaga, we’ve encountered in the Fae world. So it should be interesting to see what mythology and powers they bring.

But, let’s be honest, what we’re really worried about is what kind of difficult, dangerous decision Lauren makes.

p.s. I know some preview pictures from the finale have been floating around online. They were mistakenly released early by Syfy. As a courtesy to Lost Girl executive producer and showrunner Emily Andras, I will not post or discuss them here. If you must discuss them, please be sure to clearly tag them as SPOILERS in the comments.

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