“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.19): “You will be mounted.”


Previously on Chicago Fire, Casey had a sleepover with Andy Darden’s widow, Mills decked Severide’s dad and was rewarded with an invitation to join an elite squad dedicated to investigating decades-old feuds. Shay asked Severide to be her baby daddy making the straight Shayveride shippers happy and causing many lesbians to bail on the show entirely. You know how shows have warnings about mature content? This episode needs a “you may want a drink for at least one of the storylines” warning. Seriously, lesbians, find yourself a brew.

We start this week with Heather Darden folding up the blanket on the sofa where she slept the entire night through and did not enjoy the man candy that is Matthew Casey. After he rejected her lasagna laced seduction she’s feeling a bit twitchy and flits around talking about having to go pick up her kids (at 7 a.m.) from their grandparents’ house. She yammers about how she’s got to wash the baking dish but because he’s manly in ways that make women swoon, Casey offers to wash the dish and bring it by along with a swing set he will build with his teeth for Heather’s kids. This guy might have popped off the side of the Brawny paper towels roll (but just slightly less gay) or someone gave him this book.

While Heather is off brushing her teeth Severide stops by with a bottle of booze. His dad wanted Casey to have it as a small token of apology for elbowing Casey in the face. No, Benny, we send you hooch for elbowing the boy scout. While they are standing there like a couple of kids about to go on a first date, Heather calls out to ask where she can find mouthwash. Severide jumps to the conclusion that Heather needs to rinse the Casey cooties out and storms off. “You told me she wasn’t your beard anymore, “ he screams as he slams his car door and leaves. Ok, fine. He’s mad at Casey for banging the widow and Casey protests that he was just in it for the baked pasta but Severide won’t believe him and stomps off, as he is contractually obligated to do each episode.

Oh baby, please don’t go.

How many firefighters does it take to flush a hydrant? Forty-seven. They are all standing around watching Herrmann work and shooting the breeze about an older firefighter who has died. Herrmann is talking about the how the guy died of natural causes after reaching the “old as Gandalf” age. He and Mouch will be attending the funeral, although Mouch appears to prefer a trip to the dentist.

As they are bullshitting their way down the road back to the truck a kid comes running out calling for help. The firefighters run to help and find out that the kid and his brother were playing in the school and the brother fell down the laundry chute. He’s crammed in like baby Jessica. Half the folks run for the truck, Cruz calls for the paramedics, while the others work to get through the wall so they can cut the little guy out. They drill through the wall as the little kid sobs (way to go tiny actor, you are an excellent crier) and their mom shows up just before they are able to pull the boy free. She sobs as they extract the boy from the chute. Shay and Dawson put the kid on a backboard and take him to the hospital.

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