“Lost Girl” Recap (3.10): This is how a heart breaks


OK, we all know this is going to be hard. It was hard to watch. It was hard to process. It was hard to recap. Really hard. Because breakups are hard. People who tell you they’ve had a “good breakup” just mean one of the parties didn’t feel quite as bad about it as the other. But they’re all hard, even if they’re necessary, even if they’re not forever. Good, so now that’s out of the way. We can proceed.

It’s a brand new day and a brand new Bo. Well, not totally brand new. When presented with imminent danger she picks up a bat. Because there’s always time for softball and/or sly lesbian references.

Bo, rejuvenated after her successful completion of the Boring Dawning is a flush with power and blue eyes. She feels good, but Kenzi feels bad about the person who seems to be breaking into their shanty. Seriously, how is that place still standing? I can see through the boards to the outside and some sections of wall seem to be covered only in paper mache.

Bo and Kenzi (who has chosen a samurai sword named Geraldine and one boxing glove as her weapons of choice – never change, girl, never change) sneak up to the rattling door and yank it open. Wait, Bo has a door from the outside hallway into her bedroom/bathroom? When did this happen? I need to see the blueprints to this place to understand its counterintuitive structural soundness. But instead of a hulking burglar behind the door they find a startled Lauren who promptly dumps a tray carrying the romantic breakfast in bed surprise for Bo on the floor. Ta-da, hope you like your eggs Formica.

But the ruined breakfast food does not harsh Bo’s buzz. While Lauren is still trying to feel her out (not in that way, pity) about her Dawning experience, Bo is all rejuvenated, giving group hugs and trying her hand at cooking. Kenzi is now rightfully suspicious. Body swap, Morrigan parasite, yesterday’s Dollar Store sushi? But no, it appears no great evil is at work, except for Dollar Store sushi. I hope the shanty has more than one toilet.

Meanwhile, teenagers are making out in the woods, which, if you’ve ever watched even one horror movie, you know means teenagers are going to wind up dead. In this case, the fella gets snatched away by what appears to be Oscar the Grouch’s earthy crunchy big brother. The teens were in a juvenile delinquent camp, and Bo and Kenzi go off with Dyson to investigate. Bo is super excited because Bo is super excited about everything these days. The Dawning appears to have had the same effect as drinking a whole pack of 5-Hour Energy shots. She says she’s excited because she gets to show off her skills from being voted best camp counselor three summers running. Were those the same three years she got voted Miss Cherry Blossom?

But less excited is Lauren, who was hoping for some one-on-one succu-time with her girlfriend that didn’t involve broken dishware. She thinks they’ve been a little out of sync of late. And not just because Bo is headed to juvie camp and Lauren went to Space Camp. Bo says she’d much rather spend time with her, but she can definitely be trusted alone with Dyson despite sucking everyone in the room’s chi to save his life and then staring lovingly down at him while you watched. What she is really after is the chance to “take down something big and ferocious and murdery.” Plus, it’s not really her fault, so blame Tamsin already. Luke, this is your foreshadowing talking.

Speaking of Tam-Tam, she’s walking through a dark alley minding her own business when she gets ambushed with a blade to her throat. Luckily it’s a friendly gesture, because on the other end of the blade is Sarah Connor. Actually it’s Acacia, a fellow bounty hunter and friend. She hands Tamsin “The Wanderer” tarot card and says “He knows you’ve found her. Now it’s time to finish the job.” And you thought you hated your job.

Back at Camp Delinquent, Bo is playing counselor and interviewing the girl whose boyfriend got nature-napped. She tells Bo she smelled smoke, like burning hair, when he was nabbed. So the monster is attacking its victims with an overheated crimper. Now I am truly terrified.

Considerably less terrified is Kenzi who is making friends and influencing juvies as the newest camper. She impresses them with her delinquent skills (making pipe bombs, picking locks, knowing not to rip off pretentious British imports, knowing to pack her thigh-high six-inch boots to bad kid camp – the basics). I always adore undercover Kenzi. Though sorority girl Kenzi and trucker babe Kenzi are my all-time favorites.

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