AfterEllen March Madness Sweet 16 Run-Off: Arizona Robbins vs. Bo Dennis


We had planned to kick off the Sweet 16 of our March Madness tournament today, but we ran into a snafu in round two’s match-up between Arizona Robbins and Bo Dennis. After examining our IP logs of the voting, we discovered that the poll had been hacked. Unfortunately, we are unable to distinguish between the votes that were cast by fun-loving, rule-abiding, lovely gay ladies and the votes that were cast by the hacker(s). So, to be fair to both Grey’s Anatomy fans and Lost Girl fans, we have decided to have a run-off for entry into the Sweet 16.

Here are the rules: Voting will be open from now until 10:00 p.m. EST today only. You may vote once (and only once). Voting is restricted by IP address. We will be monitoring this poll closely. If a single IP address logs more more than one vote for a character (or if a masked IP address votes for a character), that character will be immediately disqualified, and the poll will be closed. The winner of this poll will advance to the Sweet 16.

Be awesome, guys. Have fun. Play fair.

UPDATE: This poll has been closed due to rule-breaking voting. Both characters have been disqualified from the March Madness tournament.

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