Vote Now! Sweet 16 – AfterEllen March Madness: The Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever


Welcome to the AfterEllen March Madness Sweet 16! What a long, strange, occasionally angry trip it has been! After two rounds of voting (and one million votes counted!) you have narrowed the field down to 16 of the sexiest, sweetest, smartest lesbian/bisexual characters ever!

Actually, you’ve narrowed it down to 15. After some hacker trouble with a match-up in the last round, we had to disqualify both Arizona Robbins and Bo Dennis. What that means is that Dr. “Hot Pants” Lauren Lewis gets an automatic berth into the Elite Eight! It also means that some people are trying to take the fun out of the game, so please don’t do that anymore. This should be a celebration of how far we’ve come with les/bi visibility in modern media!

Below are the brackets for the Sweet 16. Like always, you can vote once per hour. This round of voting will be open until Sunday, March 31st at 10:00 p.m. EST.

Click here for full-size brackets. (Image will open in a new tab/window.)

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