“Lost Girl” previews Linda Hamilton and Lauren’s big slap


Oooooh, children, things are gonna get good. Sure, this week we had the Is-That-All-There-Is Dawning. But a new preview from Showcase as well as pictures from SyFy promise Lost Girl will give us a slap-happy episode complete with an appearance by none other than Sarah Connor herself.

Yeah, you know that’s hot. Linda Hamilton makes her long-awaited guest starring turn on next week’s show as a deadly assassin Acacia come to claim, or force Tamsin to claim, Bo. The episode, called “Delinquents,” will air Sunday on Showcase and Monday on SyFy.

The synopsis reads as such:

Bo, Dyson and Kenzi go undercover at an urban camp to catch a serial killer Fae who preys on at-risk youth. Meanwhile, a blast from Tamsin’s past makes an appearance, but the visit may not be purely social. Bo is given some hard to accept emotional news.

But the real fireworks happen in the preview:

Yeah, we’re all going to want to see that slap again.

So it looks like the maybe Lauren starts worrying about someone other than Dyson.

Next week’s episode seems to reveal Bo’s new post-Dawning powers and Tamsin’s bounty hunter days backstory. Also, we might finally get that answer as to who The Wanderer is, exactly. I think it’s Bo herself, but then that’s just a theory.

So, looking forward to next week? Excited to see Hamilton back in action? And, come on, how about that slap? Discuss.

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