“Degrassi” recap: Karma Police, Part 1


At last! This week’s episode of Degrassi, “Karma Police, Part 1,” brings us a long-awaited focus on Fiona, with some cute Fimogen interactions to boot. So without further delay…

Fiona and Imogen have apparently both been accepted into design school (possibly the same one – it’s unclear…), so Fiona made dinner (well, microwaved it) to share with her roommate, Drew. Unfortunately, though, Drew’s decided its time for him to move back home, and he gives Fiona only one day’s notice to figure out whether she’s going to find another roommate or get a job.

She’s not so hot on the idea of sharing a bathroom with a stranger, so with Imogen and Eli’s encouragement, she starts to think about putting together her resume and applying to jobs.

At the mall, she spills her drink all over the pink resumes she had planned to submit to all the places where she used to shop, but Dave saves the day by talking to his manager at Juwana Juice, where he works, about finding a job for her there. The fruit-covered visor is a good look on Fiona, huh?

Upon arriving home after being on her feet all afternoon, she tries to convince Imogen to come give her a foot massage. Imogen is busy with an art project, though, so Fiona turns to twitter to celebrate her first day, and gets a response from a random guy in Wyoming with a picture of a foot massager.

She’s decided that her sudden increase in followers and twitter popularity is because of her hashtag #FormerRichGirlProblems, and she confesses to Imogen that she’s now addicted to her social media account.

Imogen notices that Fiona’s tweets are linked to some sort of map, which Fiona shrugs off as a GPS locater that everyone has, not a big deal. Imogen shrugs it off with a kiss, making sure Fiona will at least let that Wyoming guy know that she’s taken.

Fiona arrives home that evening with most of her attention focused on her phone, until she steps on a shattered picture frame. Upon looking up, she realizes that her apartment has been broken into just as she’s seized from behind by the intruder, who forces her to her knees at gunpoint. He demands she close her eyes and count to thirty, and when she opens them at the end of her countdown, the intruder is gone.

The police officer investigating the break-in asks if she told anyone that the apartment would be empty, and Fiona insists that only Imogen knew, and she trusts Imogen with her life. But then she remembers that she had tweeted she’d be at work…

Imogen arrives as the officer is leaving, and it’s only at that point that Fiona realizes her laptop has been stolen. She begins to berate herself for causing the robbery through her careless use of Twitter. “I was so desperate for a stranger’s attention, and I got it.” Imogen holds her and assures her that it could have happened to anyone, and Fiona sighs into the embrace, asking Imogen to never leave her.

Meanwhile, Zig is struggling to deal with being the last person to ever talk to Cam, and Dallas is revealed to have an adorable young son, whose existence he’s hiding from Alli, fearing for the effect it will have on his budding romance with her.

Now, if that was only part one of Fiona being in danger, you can bet I’ll be biting my nails through next week’s episode. Until then, everyone!

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