Jasika Nicole is ready for “Scandal”


When Fringe ended, we were sad to be missing out on our weekly Jasika Nicole. But now the out actress has been cast in a top secret role on ABC’s Scandal.

As of now it looks like it’s just for one episode, but hopefully she’ll stick around longer. The show’s creator Shonda Rhimes tweeted her own excitement about the news:

Jasika told us exclusively how excited she is about the news. “I can’t stress the enormity of what it feels like to have two of the most important people involved in a television show, the executive producer and the star, be smart, capable, generous black women,” Jasika said. “But perhaps even more incredible than their presence was the welcoming environment that everyone on the cast and crew created together. It feels weird joining an established TV family for just a short while, but when they embrace you and work hard to make you feel like you belong, it starts to feel incredible. I keep trying to tell myself that I deserve to be here, but its hard. Shonda and Kerry have each in their own ways been working diligently to pave a road for women like me, and I feel I’m just skipping down it, grinning from ear to ear!”

Jasika will be on the 19th episode of this season and we hope she’ll share screen time with star Kerry Washington.

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