Aria Montgomery’s 10 best Season 3 outfits on “Pretty Little Liars”


Oh, Aria. Oh, dear sweet doe-eyed innocent little Aria. Life has been tough for you. On the one hand, you have a father who is by all accounts a chastity belt wielding emotional terrorist. And on the other hand, you have the loveliest of lesbian loves, one Ezra Fitz, who fathered a child with his high school sweetheart and can’t hold down a job because of his tendency to date under-age girls. But the hardest battle you’ve faced — and I think we all know it has nothing to do with A — has been the hunting and killing of all the innocent creatures that died in the name of “fashion.”

Which brings us to today’s Pretty Little Liars Best of Season 3: “Aria’s 10 Best (and by Best We Mean Bizarre-est) Outfits”. RIP fuzzy friends.

10. The Twice-Worn Skull Blouse

9. The Lord Licorice Cabbie Costume

8. The Great Wonder Woman Skirt Heist

7. The Wear All The Patterns Paraphernalia

6. The Grave-Digging Get-Up

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