“Lost Girl” recap (3.08): What a long, strange trip it’s been


Oh, look, Bo’s in a blindfold. Mmmm, finally some kinky sexytimes for her and the good doctor. Wait, what’s that chirping noise? Are there vibrators that make a chirping noise? Dammit, it’s just some dumb good luck cricket. Well it’s very disappointing for all parties involved, especially me.

Bo continues her “training” for The Dawning. Though I think this task is more like the Fae equivalent of looking for a four-leaf clover. She fails, because have you ever tried to find a four-leaf clover? It’s hard. Everyone is a little cranky and exhausted because it’s all over but for the waiting of the invitation now.

Bo wishes Kenzi was with her to cheer her up with a perfectly timed zinger. But Trick’s all, “Humans, bad. Taint sacred Fae puberty ritual. Also, cooties.” Or something like that. I don’t know, mostly he’s too busy making goo-goo eyes at the lodestar, Stella. She invites him to dinner because, I don’t know, perhaps your grandparents are watching and they need a ship to relate to as well.

Bo gets a call from Lauren. And in that distracted, wishful way you do when your sweetie calls she plays with the buttons on the nearest object. Projection is a powerful thing. Only the thing she is projecting on looks like a steampunk eye exam machine. She turns a knob absentmindedly and says she wants a nap and then snuggle time together on the couch. Crap, now you know that’s exactly the opposite of what’s going to happen.

As if to taunt us with what foreshadowing has already told us will never happen, Lauren sneaks up behind Bo and covers her eyes for an impromptu game of peek-a-Bo. See, now this is what I was talking about earlier. I’m going to start playing Tiffany’s seminal 1987 power ballad “Could’ve Been” on a loop outside the writers room door until they get the hint.

But what happens next is so cute I almost, almost, forgive them for forgoing the blindfolded sexytimes and giving us hyper nerdball Lauren instead. She’s talking super fast, like a scientist on crack. But it’s better than crack, it’s the thrill of scientific achievement and recognition from her peers that has Dr. Lewis all jazzed. And when I say jazzed I mean squeals of delight, enormous smile, pumped fists jazzed. Geek joy is the most adorable of all joys.

Lauren is being honored for her work in free radicals, which sounds like something that happens if you were raised on a hippie commune. Though, scientifically speaking her research makes perfect personal sense. If my girlfriend was a powerful, supernatural creature who would live well past 200 years old, I’d study how to fight the aging process as well. She is actually second choice for the award (side note: Lauren is no one’s sloppy seconds – ever), but the original winner was disqualified because he fudged his findings. It was, like, all over the message boards.

I am now picturing Lauren getting into flame wars with frauds and trolls on science message boards and it is filling me with untold delight. In my mind her screename is Hotpants77. I now demand Lost Girl film a bottle episode set all in Lauren’s apartment where she talks to her laptop screen while indignantly browsing science message boards and secretly reading Hermione Granger femslash fanfic.

Lauren asks, pleads really, for Bo to be her +1 at her nerd banquet, which happens to be tonight. And then she freaks because there are acceptance speeches to write and dresses to steam and Bo to put in a dress so they can both wear dresses at the same time, together like. And then she runs off with an “I love you” to Bo. I don’t even really care that, clearly, Bo isn’t really going to show up to be Lauren’s +1 because this display is cuter than a basket full of kittens and otters and hedgehogs combined.

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