“The Good Wife” recap: “Batman and Robyn.” (4.16)


Love him or hate him, I always enjoy a good Lemond Bishop episode of The Good Wife, as there is always just so. much. drama, and this week was no exception.

Before we get to all that, though, the first thing we witness in this week’s episode are signs of Lockhart Gardner rolling in the good times again: new modernist paintings being carted in to hang on walls, fancy finger foods at meetings, and Creepy M&M Lawyer proposing at a steering committee meeting that the 27th and 29th floors that were lost earlier this season be bought back. Alicia, by the way, is now a member of said steering committee.

Yep, that’s me.

Creepy M&M Guy and Will are staunchly for this buy back, while Diane and Alicia are more along the lines of, “Heeeey, yeah, so, um, just a suggestion, but maybe we shouldn’t jump back into the same overspending situation that got us into this drama in the first place?” Will explains that in the “New Economy,” you have to go big or go home. Weird that the women are all, “Hey, let’s not be dumb,” and the men are all, “Buy all the floors, spend all the money, must look impressive, hulk smash power now RAWR!” This is not at all indicative of how our financial systems as a whole in our country work, or how we never learn from our financial mistakes because of testosterone and greed. Nope!

Anyway, more importantly, they also mention that due to an influx of new business, they want to hire a second investigator. Alicia gently reminds them that hiring a second investigator a few years ago didn’t work out so well. M&M Guy says, “Shut your pie hole, newbie.” At the very least, Alicia wiggles her way into the subcommittee for hiring said new investigator, before running off to court.

When she arrives at court, she runs into her law school nemesis Liz, who’s on the prosecuting side of Lemond Bishop’s case. She also begins to fit into the somewhat uncomfortable Good Wife tradition of Bitchy Black Women, as pointed out by a commenter last week, although the difference between “bitchy” and just “powerful” can always be debated. Nevertheless, the most important thing here is that she’s played by the gorgeous, Tony-winning Audra McDonald.

I’m so…excited to see you.

The situation they’re battling out in court first has to do with Bishop’s visitation rights for his son — he’s granted those pretty easily — and then with the matter of why he’s in jail in the first place, that whole murder of a confidential informant who used to work at his fitness club thing. If you can remember that tense episode from way back when, it was the one that included Kalinda discovering the body in the trunk of a car and Alicia comforting Bishop’s son while daddy was arrested. That episode was also the last time we saw FBI Agent Lana, who it’s become pretty clear we won’t see again in the foreseeable future.

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