Spencer Hastings’ 20 Best Season 3 Faces on “Pretty Little Liars”


When Heather Hogan asked if I would be interested in helping her create some “Best of Pretty Little Liars” photo lists before the season finale, my answer was simply: “Does Spencer thrive on caffeine and sleuthing alone?” And of course the answer to that, friends, is “Yes to the infinite power!” So we decided to kick things off with a list of “Spencer’s 20 Best FACES” — “faces” in caps because it invokes CAPITAL levels of emotion in all of us. I realize that over the last 22 episodes we’ve lived through hundreds of Spencer “staring contests” that deserve to be mentioned in this list but I am only one woman and my eyeballs can only produce so many tears over Troian Bellisario‘s loveliness and Spencer’s journey into despair. So without further ado, here are 20 of Spencer Hastings’ best faces from Season 3 … so far.

20. The “Hey, You Never Secretly Gave Emily A Massage Like This, Did You” Face

19. The “NAT Club is Going Extinct and You’re Next” Face

18. The “Truth or Dare or [email protected] You” Face

17. The “Mannequin Leg in the Background” Face

16. The “A Swiped My V-Card” Face

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