Sexy Santana Spoiler: Our favorite “Glee” gal is getting a new job


Now that Santana Lopez is lighting up Glee again from the concrete jungle, it’s time for her to find a job. Wetpaint says that The Hollywood Reporter says that Lea Michele says that Santana’s new job is going to be — wait, no. I want you to guess. Here I’ll give you a hint:

No? OK, here’s another hint:

Still nothing? OK, final hint:

Uh uh. Santana Lopez is going to be booze-slinging, bar-dancing Coyote Ugly girl, apparently. Michele told THR:

Everything that we’ve done so far, whether it was going from a small glee club to a successful glee club to a glee club performing at a competition in New York City to being a glee club and also exploring characters in New York City, sometimes you just have a gut feeling as to what will work on a show and I had a gut feeling that you wanted to see these characters in New York. To see Santana working at Coyote Ugly, Kurt at Vogue, Rachel walking near Washington Square.

Well, then. That’s something to think about. Often. And fondly.

Heck, maybe she can even meet a nice girl on the Coyote Ugly softball team.

What do you think of the rumor that Santana will be taking a job at the famous bar?

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