“Go On” lets Anne get her makeout on


One of the best things happening on TV this season is also one of the least watched things happening on TV this season: NBC’s Go On is doing everything right with its lesbian character. The emotional anchor of the freshman comedy is, of course, Matthew Perry‘s Ryan King, a sports radio host who begins attending a grief support group after the death of his wife. But the series has done a remarkable job juxtaposing his loss and recovery with Julie White‘s lesbian character Anne. The last few weeks have seen Ryan engaging in his first relationship since his wife passed away, and true to form, Anne also got a love interest this week.

The meet-cute was perfect, and so very Anne.

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Bookstore clerk: I like your glasses.

Anne: Thanks. I’d rather see well.

Bookstore clerk: Ha! You’re funny.

Anne: No, I’m not.

Bookstore clerk: [Looking at the book she’s purchasing] A Good Man is Hard to Find. A good woman is harder to find, huh?

Anne: OK, what the hell is happening?

Bookstore clerk: I’m making conversation; I think you’re cute.

Anne: Um, is this a cult? Because I’m Episcopalian. We’re right. I’m good.

Bookstore clerk: I wrote my number on your receipt.

Anne: What? Why? You are not making any sense. [Backs slowly out of the bookstore.]

Later, on the way into their grief therapy group, the rest of the gang spots her and Owen says, “Why is Anne with the hottest woman I have ever seen?”

I GIF-ed the scene for you because I love you.

What follows is Anne figuring out that she’s projected all kinds of good stuff onto her new lady love when really she just liked making out with her. The episode ends with Anne and Ryan talking about how hard it is to move on when they’re still in love with the women they lost. It’s sweet and funny and heartbreaking, and it’s just another in a season full of moments that illustrate exactly how TV writers should treat their queer character: just like they treat everyone else.

Are you watching Go On? What did you think of Anne’s foray back into the world of dating?

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