“Heading Out” recap: Mean Girls (Episode 2)


Jamie had made a comment earlier in the episode about Sara being into rich girls, that she’s scared of them, yet fascinated by them. While Sara called it rubbish, it becomes clear that it isn’t. This is shown when she not only accepts the ridiculous leopard dress, but wears it to the party with that action movie star. When Justine shows up, she asks, “Why are you dressed like a woman?” and reaches out to touch Sara’s cleavage.

Jamie has the same reaction, and when he finds out who Sara’s “new friend” is, he’s appalled; it’s the same woman who’s been giving him a hard time at work. “How can you be friends with her? She’s evil.” She insists he has the wrong person; he insists that he doesn’t. Later in the bathroom, straight out of a scene from everyone’s high school nightmares, Sara’s stuck in a stall while the blonde woman and one of her friends barge in to fix up their make up and talk loudly about what a loser Sara is. Friend quips that she can barely look at her, as she looks like “one of the Pretenders in drag.”

Blonde girl admits that she doesn’t even want the damn dog anyway, she’s just pretending to be nice to Sara because she doesn’t want her husband to get it, and also she’s a big fat meanie.

So just like high school, then: even when it should be clear who’s awful and who’s not, we still inexplicably want the cool kids to like us. Except that most of us are able to figure out who the cool kids actually are by this age. But then again, sometimes not; sometimes high school follows us everywhere, even when we don’t want to admit it. If only Toria were here to give Sara another big-breasted hug.

Meanwhile, Justine is getting to meet her favorite action star hero, Kip, which results in what I think is the funniest part of the episode. He’s discussing his daily routine, which involves working out a lot, “And then, I have a ham. If I’m training, I might have maybe two ham.” He continues:

Kip: Let me tell you something. When you lift 120, 130 pounds, to me, it is a truly spiritual experience.

Justine: 120, 130 pounds…How much is that in animal?

Kip: I don’t understand–

Justine: Is it an otter?

Kip: I don’t know what that is.

Justine: A large badger?

Kip: It’s about like a kangaroo. Yeah, a kangaroo, about exactly.

Justine: Do you think you could lift me?

Kip: Oh, easy. Actually, you’re slightly less than a kangaroo. More like a snow leopard.

[Sara enters]

Justine: Hi. This is Kip. He eats ham, and lifts kangaroos.

How much is that in animal?

In the end, Jamie comforts the feeling-very-stupid Sara and tells her she has to tell the courts the truth that the dog doesn’t belong with the mean blonde lady, and they finally cure Justine of her chicken dance infliction by uttering the magic words: pork chop.


What were your favorite (or least favorite) moments of the second episode?

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