“Heading Out” recap: Mean Girls (Episode 2)


Let’s also discuss Justine’s chicken dance, as it keeps coming back throughout the episode. When their weekly netball session is canceled, all the friends head into the muddy woods for a game of paintball instead, which is entertaining just for the combo of Rambo wannabee Daniel–I really do love Daniel–alongside mega-OCD Jamie–and I really do love Jamie. On their van ride back to town, however, something has caused Justine to fall back into the wicked chicken dance vortex. Sara and Jamie start tossing possible key words and phrases at her to snap her out of it, but nothing helps.

While the look of concentration on Justine’s face along with the crazy grunting way she sings the chicken dance song make me smile, whenever she has to do the hip shaking down towards the ground part, I just descend into an intense secondhand embarrassment. Which perhaps is what’s meant to happen, but I feel they should have chosen maybe a less typical dance. Like, say, The Macarena. 1990s throwbacks are always funny! Well, okay, that probably would’ve been awkward too. They probably all would’ve been awkward. They probably should’ve chosen a different bit altogether. But, bless Nicola Walker anyway.

Sara and company also end up spending quite a bit of time with that blonde lady for whom Sara’s doing the legal dog consulting. When Sara shows up at her house to check out her dog situation, blonde woman invites Sara and her friends to a party with one of her action movie star friends, and later picks up Sara to go out shopping, as well. As they head out of the fancy shop, divorcing dog lady says, “I got you something!”

“Because you know, you love animals!”

This is, of course, exactly when Eve walks up, who proceeds to give a glorious, not-so-casual peck on the cheek to Sara, while casting cautious glances towards the other woman.


The divorcing cat lady responds by giving Sara a punch on the arm, and the three of them share a few minutes of awkward conversation. Eve asks how they know each other; divorcing cat lady says that Sara was looking into dog stuff for her; Eve responds, “That’s how it starts, isn’t it?” and promptly proceeds to give Sara a pointed look while walking away.

The lip biting, though.

I must admit that I feel a little confused about what this blonde lady means to Sara or to this episode. Is Sara flirting with her? Or is the self-conscious funny talk the way she simply converses with everyone? Is the blonde lady flirting with her, and if so, why? If anything is supposed to be flirty, I’m not quite sure why, since blonde lady is apparently straight and Sara has Shelley freaking Conn waiting for her. And as Shelley freaking Conn walks away and Sara realizes what this all looks like, she squeezes her eyes shut and sighs, and we can practically see her own feet kicking herself inside her head.

But instead of running after Eve, Sara simply takes a second before returning to self-deprecating jokes with the blonde lady. Is she simply flattered that a rich fancy woman would want to hang out with her? Her face lit up each time the woman invited her to an outing, a marked difference and a surprise from the reluctant cynicism that she seems to take with everything else in her life, and which seems especially strange when this woman is clearly vapid and un-Sara-like.

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