“Heading Out” recap: Mean Girls (Episode 2)


So, remember that time I recapped the first episode of Heading Out and said Shelley Conn would never be on it again and then she totally was? Ha! Ha! Ha! Er. *coughs* *nervous laugh* Sorry for being a doof? My statement was due to some apparently poor research, for which I apologize. But I am also 100% happy I screwed up, because Shelley Conn! She’s without a doubt the most natural character on this show, a show that I’ve determined became distinctively weirder with our second episode.

Now, I normally like weird things, so I don’t necessarily mean that to be detrimental. Although I still feel uncertain as to whether this particular weird is good weird or bad weird. On my second watching of this episode, I was leaning just slightly more towards good weird. Perhaps you can weigh in. Let’s stick with just weird for now.

And to make up for my Shelley Conn screw up, I’ll just include a gratuitous amount of screen caps of her face! She graces our screens right away as she stops by Sara’s vet to both bring in her dog and cheekily ask her out on a date.

You are wonderful.

Sara’s having a bit of a There’s Something About Mary moment with her hair, albeit with the styling goods being from an unneutered tomcat as opposed to Ben Stiller. I have to say that I never really found it funny with Ben Stiller and I don’t think it’s funny here, but more just cute, as Sara is being very bumbling over Eve and I like Sara’s face, too.

After Eve takes off, Sara has a consultation with a kooky rich blonde lady who’s getting a divorce and asks Sara for some legal help; she just needs Sara to say that their dog is more attached to her than to her husband. I have to say that so far, while I still love the vet office and its props, I’ve found the vet dialogues and storylines to be the least interesting of anything else on the show. Which is sad, as I love animals–I know, really breaking the lesbian mold there–and as my wife is a vet tech, I was really looking forward to that part of the show. Perhaps it’ll improve, but I’d be happy with just spending all of our time focusing on the rest of the stuff instead.

And when I say “the rest of the stuff,” I mean Sara hanging out with her friends, who I do love, and which she in fact does momentarily, as Jamie and Justine are waiting for her when she gets off work to take her to her first life coach session with Toria.

Psycho, therapist.

Toria explains she’ll use a number of methods to help Sara harness her issues about coming out to her parents, one of which is hypnosis. While Sara has been rolling her eyes pretty much the entire time, Justine is sitting through the session with her, as well, and as Toria begins her hypnosis spiel, she suddenly stands up and begins to do the most elegant of all dances: the chicken dance. Toria says that she must have gone through some prior hypnosis that was triggered, and that there was no way of knowing how to snap her out of it.

Also, Toria’s living room is full of dildos.

The session ends there, which is sad, because I think Toria is my other favorite part of the show. Played perfectly by Joanna Scanlan, her character is the right amount of ridiculousness, laughing outlandishly at her own bad jokes, full of exaggerated facial expressions, that it just comically works. Plus, I would like to see what she actually brings out in Sara during these sessions, whether funny or serious or simply plot-moving, so hopefully they’ll be more productive in future episodes.

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