“Lost Girl” Recap (3.07): Home Is Where the Monstrous Heart Is


Bo is having some invisible threshold problems, which – come on – haven’t we all? Though our invisible thresholds might be a little more figurative and Bo’s is a little more literal. Like an actual invisible threshold that keeps knocking her on her very real ass.

Trick is trying to help her focus on the now to get ready for The Dawning. It’s a rite of passage for all Fae a bit like adolescence, but with more at stake than just really embarrassing yearbook pictures and bad prom dates. But like adolescence all she has to do to conquer it is shift consciousness and achieve an effortless merging of action and awareness. You know, like popping your first zit.

Meanwhile, on an idyllic country road a couple has encountered car trouble and the call of nature simultaneously. While he fiddles with a tire, she finds cover in the bushes. And then the beautiful sunny day turns all Twister and a creepy looking ghost lady emerges and then the tire isn’t the only thing flat under that car. This looks like a job for – cue the ah-ah-ahs.

Of course, first our Lost Girl has to stop devolving and cross the invisible threshold. Which will not be easy because a) she is still unaligned, b) she is a succubi and they take more training c) she is extra special which means her devolution would be extra spectacular. Like horns and feasting on raw flesh spectacular.

Never fear, it was just a terrible dream. One Bo is awoken from, to meet her lodestar, Stella, who will help guide her through The Dawning. Stella reads her tea leaves – no, really – and talks about rage and regret. In the end, as any Psych 101 student can tell you, it boils down to mommy issues and Bo has to confront the one who made her (though not biologically, those two worked things out with some good old-fashioned hand-to-hand combat) and take a trip down memory lane.

Except she super duper doesn’t wanna. Because her mom was the Fred Phelps of mothers who disowned her, called her the devil and pretty much slut shamed a young Bo-Bo into running away and never looking back. Back at her place, Bo asks Lauren for some of her “patented nerdness right now” to help alleviate the sting of what she must do. Lauren obliges, but first she has to put away the iPad she’s been using in bed to Google Bo’s hometown. You ask for patented nerdness, you get patented nerdness.

But, alas, even Lauren’s nerdness cannot trump Bo’s Faeness. And she tells her girlfriend she understands why she left. But going back could be her only hope to not turn into a caged underfae with bad dining habits. Looking into those big, soft brown eyes Bo knows too. Five hour drive and all, she’s gotta meet her mama. Lauren offers to go with her, but Bo asks her to stay behind and do some “hard core doctoring” for her. Man, I wish that was as dirty as it sounds.

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