10 TV shows that need to add lesbian characters



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ABC Family already has Pretty Little Liars. And next season it is introducing The Fosters. Why not make it a homo-trifecta and have one of the Bunheads come out as a lesbian? Our vote is for Boo. We love our ABC Family Boos.

Mad Men

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It’s not that we don’t love Peggy’s BFF Joyce. It’s just that Joyce is now Shoshana on Girls, so who knows if we’ll ever see her again? Mad Men loves to compare the plights of the women of the ’60s — last year’s Peggy/Joan/Megan juxtaposition was particularly wonderful — so why not throw a full-time lesbian into the mix? SCDP is in the market for a new leading lady anyway, at least in the interim, while our beloved Peggy Olson takes over the ad world from the outside.

Once Upon a Time

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This season, Once Upon a Time has introduced even more badass female characters to an already female-fronted ensemble, but still no gay ladies. It’s a bizarre omission on ABC, a network that has always led the way in terms of positive queer visibility. Also, OUAT has a vocal, established lesbian fanbase, so why wouldn’t the creatives want to tap into that power? We get that Mickey probably leans hard on the writers about what these Princesses can and cannot do, but there are gazillons of other female fairy tale characters out there who have never starred in an animated Disney feature.


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Syfy’s post-apocalyptic series is coming our way in less than a month and the cast includes Jaime Murray, Mia Kirshner, and Julie Benz, whose past characters have respectively made out with Lucy Lawless; Kate Moennig, Erin Daniels, Karina Lombard, Sarah Shahi; and Dana Delany. If one of Defiance‘s characters isn’t a lesbian, it will be an actual crime against nature and reason.

Teen Titans Go!

Photo courtesy: Cartoon Network

I’ve written before about how ridiculous it is that we don’t have any openly gay cartoon characters yet. When Cartoon Network kicks off its new DC Comics cartoon in a few months, they can rectify that situation so easily with the inclusion of a teenage Batwoman (and The Question, too, if they’re really feeling awesome). If they won’t give us Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, at least the can give us this!

What TV shows do you think need to add lesbian characters?

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