Let’s guess the identity of the “Pretty Little Liars” Red Coat!


WARNING: This post contains spoiler photos and book spoilers for Pretty Little Liars.

We are nearing another season finale for Pretty Little Liars and with all the death and dismemberment that has already gone down this season, the writers are going to have to pull out all the stops to shock us more than they already have. The one card they’ve still got up their sleeve, of course, is the identity of Red Coat, the Big A ringleader who has been stalking and murdering double-time this year. And now, thanks to a finale photo dropped by Entertainment Weekly, we know Spencer’s going to be the one to come face-to-face with the truth — in the Chamber of Secrets, of course.

Speculation is wild and rampant about the identity of Red Coat, so I asked our AfterEllen team to weigh in on the mystery.

Dana Piccoli:

Who I think it is: I think it’s Jenna. We know she was with Emily on the Night of a Thousand Nights. She has more motivation to want to hurt them than just about everyone. (i.e. firecracker to the eyeballs). She’s smart and I think she could pull it off. Her being at “another school” sets her up to have plenty o’ time to plan this too. People thought Jenna couldn’t be A because she got the hell out of dodge when Lyndon “Cousin Nate” James got up in her face, but I say, even villains can get scared.

Who I want it to be: Aria. That would be amazing. The sheer betrayal would send the Liars spinning out of control. I highly doubt it is her, but there is something about Aria that has never sat well with me. She is the spawn of Byron Montgomery for crying out loud. Or perhaps its because she couldn’t accessorize for shit. (Sorry, Heathers shout out!) I don’t think getting locked in a box on a train means she’s exempt from suspicion. Team A does not spare its own from punishment (Toby, Garret, Lucus, Mona).

Valerie Anne:

Who I think it is: I change my mind about who Red Coat is more often than the Liars’ parents go Out of Town. First I assumed it was Ali/Vivian Darkbloom, then I thought maybe Cece, then possibly Jenna. I used to think it was Mona, before she started unabashedly threatening people in the light of day with a smile on her face. In the last episode, for a moment, I even thought it might be Toby, using the disguise to get out of dodge after faking his death (I hope). But really it could be anyone! We haven’t seen Mike in a while! Coachpra? Malcom and the little boy from the doll shop on each others’ shoulders? That lesbian Samara brought to the fashion show? EVERYONE’S A SUSPECT.

Who I want it to be: I really, really, really want it to be Ali wandering around in that Red Coat. How perfect would that be? People are chasing and threatening and running each other under with cars like lunatics trying to figure out who killed her, and she’s wandering around in a technicolor dreamcoat right under their noses. However, this relies on my theory that Alison had a twin being true, and that the twin is the one who died, after escaping from her mental institution and parading around as Ali for a little while. It was the only way my poor, confused brain could wrap itself around how Ali was in a thousand places at once on the night she supposedly died. (Note: My twin theory was born from the Halloween story Ali told about the little girl who stabbed her sister and took on a mind of its own thereafter.)

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