Our favorite lesbian characters and their animal doppelgangers


Recently our buddies over at BuzzFeed compared this year’s Oscar nominees to their animal doppelgangers. We were so inspired by their insight that we decided to match up some of this season’s lesbian/bi characters with their adorable animal counterparts.

Santana Lopez/Feisty Black Kitten

Photos: Fox/Getty

Dr. Lauren Lewis/Forever Loyal Golden Retriever

Photos: Showcase/Getty

Emily Fields/Fearless Black Bear Cub

Photos: ABC Family/Getty

Leslie Shay/Basset Hound of Infinite Sadness

Photos: NBC/Getty

Paige McCullers/Grumpy Happy Sea Otter

Photos: ABC Family/Getty

Betty McRae/No-Nut Chipmunk

Photos: Global/Getty

Arizona Robbins/Adorable Australian Fox

Photos: ABC/Getty

Emily Fitch/Bravest Red Panda

Photos: E4/Getty

Rachel Maddow/Yawning Chocolate Lab

Photos: Getty

Tell us some of your favorite lesbian characters and their doppelganger!