“Once Upon A Time” recap: A Royal Flush (2.15)


Back in the Big Apple, Neal leads Emma to the car his “friend” let them borrow. Emma is trying to figure out exactly what that means when a VERY attractive woman strolls on up. She is introduced to Emma (and to us) as Tamara, Neal’s fiancé.

I’m over here racking my brain trying to figure out what Tamara could symbolize in Fairytale Land, but then I realize they’re usually more clever than that with their code names and that it’s entirely possible that Neal, upon settling down in the US of A, found himself an old-fashioned, non-magical, human girlfriend. Which. Boring.

In Storybrooke, Snow is having a bit of a nervous breakdown/identity crisis and tells her loyal hubby that she’s getting a little sick of the Goody Two-Shoes game. She has spent her whole life being good, but look where it got her. Look how many people she cared about that died anyway. Charming tries to comfort her with tales of glory and justice, but she doesn’t care about justice anymore. She’s not handing out any more second chances. She’s through being pure. Snow White is going to kill Cora.

Next week on Once Upon A Time, someone is going to die. Who it will be and at whose hand is anyone’s guess.

What did you think of “The Queen Is Dead”? I think that the only thing sadder than all the death and betrayal in this episode was the devastating lack of Ruby.

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