“Lost Girl” renewed for a fourth season


Time to stock up on Chapstick and tighten your hotpants, Bo is coming back. Television’s first and only show centered on bisexual succubus heroine, Lost Girl, has been renewed simultaneously for a fourth season by Canadian network Showcase and its US syndicator Syfy. That means we can look forward to a lot more succu-smooching from Bo & company, hopefully primarily with one Dr. Lauren “Hotpants” Lewis.

The supernatural series has garnered a strong following both in its homeland of Canada, where it is Showcase’s No. 1 series, and the U.S., where it has averaged about 1.3 million viewers in its third season. Fans of the show’s chief relationship, Bo and Lauren, have made Doccubus a force to be reckoned with. The pair topped this year’s E! Online 2013 Top TV Couples Poll  and bested all other couplings – both straight and gay – on the air.

The series will begin shooting its fourth season in the spring and shoot 13 episodes. But it looks like Showcase and Syfy will stagger their premieres. Showcase promises a season 4 premiere late this year. Syfy says the series will begin in early 2014. Come on, can’t our two great countries get together on this? Help a recapper out, friends.

The show, which now airs only a day apart on Showcase (Sunday nights) and Syfy (Monday nights) will also air its season 3 premieres a week apart. Showcase will air the finale at 9 p.m. April 14, Syfy at 10 p.m. April 22. The separation is because Syfy will launch its new original series Defiance, starring Julie Benz and Jaime Murray, with a two-hour pilot April 15.

As for the rest of the season, production stills from the next two upcoming episodes are light on the Lauren, heavy on the Kenzi and Tamsin. As for the latter, remember, do not kill the messenger. I come in peace.

So, thoughts on Lost Girl returning? Also, come on US and Canada? Can’t we agree that this much hot needs to air close together? Don’t make us wait.