“Heading Out” recap: Surprise! (Episode 1)


This really weird thing has happened. The BBC is airing a show about a 40-year-old woman finally being pushed by her friends to come out to her parents. Sounds normal enough, but get this: it’s a comedy! Wait. Lesbians can be funny? Shut the front door, Sue Perkins!

Welcome to Heading Out, written by and starring Sue Perkins as Sara, who we first meet at her vet practice where she’s currently dealing with a pretty-dead cat and its deranged owner. We also meet her friend and co-worker Daniel, played by Steve Oram, as he’s working on this brilliant display in the lobby, a display which seals the deal that we’re going to like this show. As if we weren’t already signed onto the deal of a show with a funny lesbian vet protagonist.

Now THAT’S how you do a boob joke, Oscar writers!

Later that day, as Sara begins to wrap up the now-really-dead-cat in a plastic bag to be cremated, she makes what turns out to be a booty call to a kooky, hip wisp of a blonde girl. If you can’t see it, a paper on her desk just visible as she calls reads, LIFE CYCLE OF A HAMSTER: BORN, MATE, DEATH. I am in love with the ridiculous vet office props already!

Life cycle of a hamster! I don’t know why it’s funny, it just is!