EXCLUSIVE: Anna Silk talks “Lost Girl,” Doccubus, and prison jump suits


Ask your average troglodyte American what is Canada’s leading export to The United States and they’ll probably say maple syrup. Or canoes. But those of us with more refined sensibilities can tell you the truth: Canada’s greatest gift to the continent of North America is lesbianism. Undiluted, unfiltered, sexy, sexy lesbianism. Or, well, TV lesbianism, at least. Between Bomb Girls, Lost Girl, and Shay Mitchell over on Pretty Little Liars, gay for pay Canucks are taking over our TVs — and our hearts.

Chief among them, of course, is Anna Silk, who plays bisexual succubus Bo Dennis on Lost Girl. The show is five episodes into its third season in both Canada and the U.S., and is more popular than ever. Silk took a few minutes to chat with her favorite lesbian website about what’s in store for Bo (and Lauren!) over the rest of season three, where she falls in the Team Dyson vs. Team Doccubus battle, and why you should vote for Lost Girl in the final round of E! Online’s TV’s Top Couple Poll.

Photo: Sarjoun Faour/Getty

AfterEllen.com: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us again, Anna. We are huge Lost Girl fans at AfterEllen.

Anna Silk:
I know you are! We love how supportive you guys are of our show!

AE: I have so many things to congratulate you on, don’t I? You’re pregnant with your first child, Lost Girl is more popular than ever around the whole world, and Lauren and Bo are in the finale of E! Online’s Top Couples poll.

Oh, thank you so much. It’s such an exciting time. My baby is due in May. And it seems like we’re having really great season so far. People are gravitating to this season even more than the last two, it feels like.

AE: Let’s talk a little bit about season three and about Bo’s evolution as a character. She kind of started out friendless and familyless, and would you look at her now?

Yes, you’re exactly right. Bo was basically an orphan when she started out in this world. She had a kind of innocence about her in terms of the Fae world. She kind of figured out who she was in the first season, and why she was so different, yet she still found a place to belong. And in the second season, Bo became more confident in the Fae world, more confident as a succubus, more comfortable with her sexual nature.

AE: And season three?

This season is where we really start to see — well, as you know, there’s something going on with Bo. It’s a very interesting season, as a result. I feel like the show and the writers have taken a really natural route for her to come into her own, in terms of her power, in terms of her Succubus nature. And you’ll see more of that evolution as this season continues. Going into the future, if we get future seasons, I think that organic growth will continue. Bo is such a great character to play because she has had so much room for growth from the very beginning.

AE: One interesting thing about Bo is that she’s growing into the future, but she’s also growing into her past. Do you know what I mean? Reconciling and understanding them together, in a way. Do think there’s still some unresolved stuff going on there?

Oh, I think absolutely there is. That’s one of the other interesting things about Bo. Even though she came into the world so young — like, you know how Dyson is thousands of years old or however old he is — Bo is brand new, in a way. But she’s a woman. She’s not a teenager. So, yes, she has a past, and a lot of stuff in that past is unresolved. And we may see a glimpse of that this season. Actually, it’s one of my favorite episodes where we deal with that a little bit. It’s like real life: You can’t really move forward unless you confront your past.

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