Six reasons to watch Sam McGinn in “The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons” finale


Last year Sam McGinn represented as the first non-feminine lesbian to be on The Real World in all 26 seasons. This fall she returned to television with three of her former housemates from San Diego to compete in The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, and despite being rookies, they managed to make it to the final three teams competing in the series finale, airing tonight on MTV. We spoke with Sam about dealing with unpredictable and verbally abusive teammate Frank and other things we might not catch on camera.

1. Sam is an athlete, you just don’t see it on the show.

Sam said that she’s on a team with “three gymheads,” which is why she doesn’t appear to be as tough in comparison. But she works out regularly and pulls her own weight, no matter what Frank says.

2. Frank told Sam he likes her, just not as a teammate.

Since the show has aired, Sam says she and Frank have talked and he says he likes her as a person, just not in competition mode. But when she saw what he said last week about her “not being good enough to shine my shoes,” it became clear that Frank is only interested in Frank.

3. She gets hit on all the time.

Sam said she once MCed a cheerleader competition and a few teenage girls threatened to jump her girlfriend in the parking lot. Sam told them that would not be necessary. Other times she’s hit on, she says “Thanks, but no thanks” and motions to her girlfriend standing nearby.

4. Sam was not the only girl who likes girls in the house.

She acknowledged that several other girls, including Nany and Jonae, are not-so-straight, but she stayed sober so she wouldn’t even be tempted to cheat on her girlfriend. (When you see her with a drink in her hand, it’s milk.)

5. Coming back home after The Challenge was rough.

Sam said returning to Virginia Beach after being in Turkey and Africa took a toll on her relationship, and that things weren’t going so well for about a month afterward. Now, though, things are great and she and her girlfriend are moving into a new house together in January.

6. The finale was tough, but Sam expected it to be.

Still, Sam says nothing can prepare you for how challenging it is, but she’s proud to have made it through.

Tune in tonight to see if Sam and Team San Diego win The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons.