“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” (9.7)


The Grey’s Anatomy’s “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” episode focuses on a wedding, a breakup, a pregnancy and Arizona’s first day back to work at Seattle Grace.

Callie wants Arizona’s return to be understated. No one is allowed to pity her or focus on her prosthetic leg.

Alex literally pays off one of this child patients for his silence (i.e. to not mention Arizona’s leg) and intern Heather (played by Tina Majorino, who will always be Deb from Napoleon Dynamite to me) is assigned to secretly follow behind Arizona with a wheelchair just in case she needs it.

Bailey is constantly on the phone with her fiance Ben ironing out the details of their upcoming wedding. Ben wants to have a Christmas-themed celebration but Bailey isn’t interested in elf Bridesmaids, which I think would be fantastic!

(Yes, I know the video is on autoplay, but I couldn’t help myself. If you don’t like the audio on the video, you can just select "mute" in the video and enjoy Callie and Arizona’s sweet moves without the sound.)

Cristina tells Bailey to pick her battles. If Ben wants a holiday-themed wedding then she should just go with it. I agree.

April’s period is four days late so she immediately thinks she’s pregnant. And that Jesus hates her. (I spoke to Jesus and he totally doesn’t care at all.)

Dear April, Take a pregnancy test before you freak out and tell anyone. Love, Bridget.

Too late, April has already told Avery and Meredith. Avery decides to be a stand-up guy and tells April he wants to marry her and raise their child together. April and Avery are ready to commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives. They are both so happy. Oh, wait a second. Just kidding! April isn’t pregnant — it was just a false alarm. April is so relived (and thankful to Jesus) while Avery feels dissed and tells April it’s over.

Avery to April, “Maybe this was a sign, you know, that we needed to stop. Honestly, I think it’s for the best.”

Wait, weren’t these two just going to get married and now they are breaking up? I hate this couple.

Callie is working hard trying to find a solution to restore Derek’s injured hand. Derek only seems half interested in her efforts but Meredith tells him that he can’t give up hope. Even though Derek has been enjoying his down time he decides to work with Callie and get his hand back in action. Go team!

This week Cristina wants Owen back (but who knows how she’ll feel next week) and Owen is still acting like a cold fish. The hospital lawsuit is also adding to their relationship stress. As the hospital’s Chief, Owen signed off on a new airplane provider many months prior to the accident. Since the airplane provider was at fault and Owen signed off on their services it looks like Owen will be taking the fall for this one.

Owen figures out that the hospital’s lawyers believe the judge will throw out the lawsuit since Cristina and Owen are married and are on both sides of the case. Since their relationship might cost the survivors a lot of settlement money, Owen meets with Cristina at the firehouse and tells her that they should get a divorce. Of course, if Owen just waited two more seconds Cristina would have told him that she wants to repair their marriage, but alas the Owen-Cristina relationship saga continues.

Meanwhile, Arizona is celebrating her super (wheelchair free) day but then she accidentally falls over in the OR. Alex rushes everyone out of the room so he can help her, but don’t worry Arizona is totally fine and is laughing about her tumble.

Arizona tells Alex, “I was so proud of myself for getting through today, the surgery, like nothing was different and I was such a big shot that went and I put all my weight on my left foot. (Laughing) I don’t have a left foot. I know I’m on my ass. (Laughing) And you should see the look on your face. (Laughing) Are you going to help me up?” And of course, Alex helps her up.

Since this show is set in a hospital, let’s discuss one of the surgeries, shall we? Dr.Bailey has been working with a patient for many years and he has finally come in to get his liver transplant. Bailey takes extra care of this patient (who happens to be a gay man) but in the end the patient’s body rejects the new liver. Bailey delivers the devastating news to her patient and his partner and then tells them that he has about one week to live. (That was a really depressing storyline.)

In happier news, Callie returns home to see a cheerful Arizona playing with Sofia. Finally our bubbly Arizona is back!

Across town at La Casa de Shepherd, Meredith reveals to Derek that she’s three weeks pregnant!

Meredith tells Derek, “It’s only three weeks so I shouldn’t even be telling you. I mean, I still have a hostile uterus. And Terrible things are constantly happening to us which is why I haven’t told anyone. I haven’t even told Cristina so if you tell anyone I swear I will kick you out of this house that you built.”

Derek responds, “Don’t worry. And good things happen to us. We’re going to have another baby!”

There was so much happiness and so much sadness in this episode. What did you think?

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