“The L Word” bringing back Tasha, Jodi, and Phyllis — kicking Papi to the curb?


Showtime has just announced that Tasha, Jodi and Phyllis will be back next season on The L Word. Marlee Matlin is continuing her role as a series regular, Cybill Shepherd‘s returning at guest-star status, and it’s unclear how involved Rose Rollins will be.

No mention of Janina Gavankar, so I’m guessing that means Papi won’t be back. Thank God! Gavankar seems nice enough, and she’s not a bad actress, but I don’t think I can handle another season of bad slang and even worse hats.

I do think the show could use more tractors, though. How cute is this?

And maybe some more yellow rafts for Jenny. With holes in them.

Thoughts? Comments? Bad hat stories? Discuss!

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