Kate Kelton talks bisexuality and being a “human taser” on “Haven”


The world of science fiction television got a boost of sexiness lately when actress Kate Kelton ascended into the world of Haven, the SyFy series currently airing its third season. In the series, Kelton plays the mysterious Jordan who inhabits the trouble (the name for a power or affliction that someone might possess) of emitting jolts of electricity whenever she touches another human being. But she is also working with a group called The Guard that, at this point, seems to be up to no good.

While her “trouble” might keep Jordan at arms length, the same cannot be said for Kelton, who during our recent chat with her at West Hollywood hotspot The Abbey, exuded the kind of good cheer and gregarious conversation that is immediately engaging. (And I think you’ll agree that the same can be said for the photos we shot of her, too!)

During the chat with AfterEllen.com, the 34-year-old Kelton touched on the mystery of Jordan, how she’d love to see some hot scenes with Audrey (played by Emily Rose) and also opened up about her own coming out as bisexual, what she thinks of Lindsay Lohan and Portia de Rossi and what embarrassing song can be found on her iPod.

Kate Kelton photographed by Clinton Gaughran for AfterEllen

AfterEllen.com: My first question was going to be if your personal style was like Jordan’s on Haven but here you are in blacks and greys. Did you have a hand in shaping her style on the show?

Kate Kelton: Actually, I do wear a lot of black now that I come to think of it. It must be the black hair, right. There was a line of clothing that H&M put out that was specifically for, and in honor of an inspired buy I suppose, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. When they first started putting this character together, that apparently was a huge part of it, the way that she looked. And so it was interesting that they made those choices because they were falling right in line with I love wearing black, so that works.

AE: From the viewer standpoint, there’s still a lot to know about Jordan, but have you been clued into who this woman is or are you learning as we do?

KK: They gave me little parameters about who she was and what she would be doing specifically with Nathan (Lucas Bryant), but they didn’t really go into where it would go at all. We got every script as we shot it and so it’s been really exciting to see the fans reacting to it as they see them because it’s very similar. The questions that they’re coming up with to the questions that I was coming up with.

AE: Jordan cannot be touched, and if she touches people, she inflicts pain.

KK: That’s right. I’m human taser.

AE: When she does touch somebody it seems like she emotionally gets affected by it.

KK: She’s not a fan of her trouble. I think that’s something that they were really careful about. When they first started airing, it was around the same time that they show Heroes was airing. They really wanted to make a clear-cut differentiation that these were not super powers that they came with repercussions.

For her obliviously the repercussion is that she hates inflicting pain on people, and she hates the fact that she can’t touch anybody and nobody can touch her because it must be really isolating and really lonely, right? So, she’s not a fan of using. Even when she has to, she understands why she has to but it takes a toll on her for sure.

AE: So far with what we’ve seen, Jordan seems pretty confident and more than a little aggressive. Are those characteristics that you also share?

KK: I think it’s just dependent on when you catch me because I’m pretty mercurial like that. It’s night and day with me. I’m a bit mercurial like that. It’s just really dependent on the mood.

AE: What can you tease as far as where Jordan and Nathan are going? There’s definitely a connection happening, especially since you can’t touch people and he can’t feel!

KK: Actually something that they have in common and that he doesn’t have in common with others, and that’s a new thing for him. It creates a stronger bond then I think either of them anticipated in the beginning. And it makes the subsequent actions that much more difficult because there is some stuff where they will come into conflict again just because of the nature of one being a cop and one being in The Guard. It’s going to be tricky for them to navigate any kind of love relationship in the middle of all that.

AE: Even though Nathan says he can trust Jordan, in your opinion, should he trust her and should the viewer trust her?

KK: (big grin) I will say that Jordan absolutely believes that everything that she does is for an ultimate greater good. Whether everyone will agree with that or not remains to be seen.

AE: Now, it seems like your character is pretty much involved with Nathan at this point though she did interact more with everyone this past week. Does she become part of the group now? 

KK: There’s a two-part episode that will air after that Halloween episode. It’s a cliffhanger. That first ending when it stops, you have to know that we didn’t get the scripts ahead of time. We just showed up to the table read that day, and we were handed the scripts. So, by the time we’d finished it, everyone got just blown away by the ending and then had to wait a week ourselves before the next table read to read what happened. That is a plot where we do tend to have to work together a bit more for the common goal.

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