Announcing the winner of the AfterEllen Ultimate Femslash Madness Tourney!


Three weeks ago, we decided to follow in the footsteps of our brothers at AfterElton and host an Ultimate Femslash Madness Tourney. We worried at first that we wouldn’t be able to fill out a 32-team bracket with subtext couples, but when we called for nominations, you sure proved us wrong. Nearly 100 couples were nominated for the poll, and when all was Twitter-ed and Tumblr-ed, over half a million votes were cast in our poll. And the winner is …



It shouldn’t surprise us that Rachel and Quinn took home the crown. A quick glance at our annual AfterEllen Hot 100 proves how popular Glee is with our readers. Faberry shippers also won the TV’s Top Couples poll at E! Online earlier this year — beating out dozens of established, canon couples — and made the final round of voting the single-most trafficked post in the history of the website. Ryan Murphy even thinks Faberry shippers are changing the world!

Huge congratulations to Faberry shippers, some of whom have gone weeks without food or sleep so they could vote every hour on the hour, for propelling their favorite subtext couple to the heavyweight championship of subtext shipping. And congratulations also to the Rizzoli & Isles shippers who fought so hard and came so close. Better luck next year! Thank you to everyone who participated in our competition. Check out the next page for a final look at how our brackets shook down.

Can’t get enough of the Tourney Madness? Well we have one more round up our sleeves. The winner of AfterElton’s Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney was Teen Wolf‘s Stiles and Derek (a.k.a. Sterek). So what if Sterek had to take on Faberry in a popularity poll — who would win? We’ll find out shortly when the Slash and Femslash champs go head to head! This bonus match will take place via AfterEllen and AfterElton’s Facebook pages. More details soon!

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