The Ultimate Femslash Madness Tourney – Championship!


Welcome to the Thunderdome! By which, I mean: Welcome to the final round of voting in our Ultimate Femslash Madness Tourne!. Round four was one of the most intense, back-and-forth contests we’ve ever had at AfterEllen, with the lead between SwanQueen and Rizzles trading hands over one hundred times. It wasn’t until late Sunday evening when Rizzoli & Isles shippers finally pulled ahead for good. And in the other poll, Glee‘s subtextual power couple, Faberry, knocked off the original femslash ship, Xena and Gabrielle. So now it’s Maura and Jane vs. Quinn and Rachel for the title of Ultimate Femslash Champion.

You will be allowed to vote once per hour between now and Sunday, September 23rd at midnight EST. Have fun, play fair, be nice, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Also, be sure to check out the wildly popular Slash Madness Tourney over at our brother site, Not only have they tallied hundreds and hundreds of thousands of votes, they have also launched their own AfterElton/VH1 slash ship. It is called Vhelton and it has even spawned its own fan fiction.

Tell us who you’re voting for in the final round.

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