“Pretty Dirty Secrets” recap: Darth Radley


Every Tuesday night until the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, ABC Family will be dropping an episode of its creepy ass web series, Pretty Dirty Secrets. All of the episodes will tie into season three’s main mysteries at some point, so it’s our duty to sleuth them all. You can watch this week’s episode at ABCFamily.com.

After spending months in jail due to all kinds of damning evidence suggesting that he killed Ali and Maya, Garrett Reynolds is now a free man. All it took was Spencer telling her mom that Emily told her that one night, atop a lighthouse, she stabbed a guy who claimed to be Maya’s cousin from her childhood but was actually Maya’s stalker from drug camp. Ten minutes later, Garrett was walking the streets with a spring in his step and a smarm on his lips.

He pops round to his parents’ house to check the answering machine because his mom’s still in the hospital. There are four messages. Message the first is Rosewood Pharmacy calling to remind her it’s Zombie Apocalypse season in Rosewood and she should stop by to get vaccinated. Deleted. Message two is Garrett telling his mom he got some tickets for them to fly out on “the first,” and so get to packing, lady. Deleted. Message three is the dry cleaners, nagging Mrs. Reynolds to snap out of her coma and come pick up her clothes. Deleted. Message four is someone breathing and breathing and breathing and breathing and breathing.

Who is it? I mean, isn’t it obvious?

What do you think of Pretty Dirty Secrets so far?

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