“Project Runway” recap 10.8: “Taking It to the Streets”


Welcome to the 8th episode of this 10th season of Project Runway, one that I’m hoping we can get through without any fat-shaming or misogyny! Can we do it, Project Runway?! I think we can, I think we can!

Before we even hear about the challenge for this week, the show starts off with Christopher complaining about no one getting kicked off last week’s episode. Even though I feel he should just be pumped about life, as he walked away with a huge win with a pretty boring outfit, it apparently really upsets him that Gunnar didn’t get the boot. Hey, Christopher, you know what’s more annoying than winning something and then kicking the people who almost lost? Nothing, there is nothing more annoying than that.

There are a few interesting things thrown at the designers for this challenge. First, they will not be handed all those dollahs on a silver platter like they normally do for their fabric trip to Mood. Instead, they will have to earn their keep on the street. But wait, not like that! That would be a whole different sort of reality show. One that could be really interesting, actually, examining worlds and circumstances that we so often as a society ignore. Hm.

Sorry, I had a moment. But no, no, the designers are just selling t-shirts and crap. They spray-paint and glitter up a storm, just like it’s arts and crafts time at summer camp! As a lesbian, I am certified to tell you that I love me a good t-shirt, and some people have interesting ideas that I maybe would have spent money on if they had approached me in the street. Just kidding, who has cash on them these days, and who can afford anything in New York City other than rent and gruel? But, living in an alternate reality where I could afford such things, I would’ve bought the team’s that decided to use the outlines of fashion supplies as a technique. That was sort of cute.

Other teams, meanwhile, really did emulate my life as a twelve year old at girl scout camp, haphazardly flinging neon colors onto things like champs. Which brought back some fun memories, so, thanks for that, folks. And at least Elena did it with flare.

Oh, and yes, they’re indeed working in teams. That was the other interesting thing thrown at them, if you can call working in teams “interesting” as opposed to “torturous.” They’re in teams of three this week, with the most drama filled team consisting of Elena, Dmitry, and Alicia. While Alicia has shown her ability to be calm and patient in most situations, it’s hard with Elena and Dmitry, who really, really don’t like each other. It’s like having to hang out with two friends who are always fighting. No one is happy in that situation.

The teams take to the streets to sell their wares, and while a lot of people give them plenty of, “Get the hell away from me,” New York City appropriate looks, each team does really well. Ven, Melissa, and Fabio, who definitely view themselves as The Dream Team, make $800! Holy crap! I want $800! Maybe I should invest in some glitter and hot glue guns! Elena, Alicia, and Dmitry make the least, which perhaps isn’t surprising as Elena’s sales pitch is literally, “Hey, do you want to buy this really crappy thing, because we have to sell this really crappy thing.” While this is obviously not the way to get things done, her ability to never be anything but overly honest makes me smirk a little, in a good way. But even they get $500, not at all shabby.

They’re told that the money they’ve earned is now going to go into making two fall looks, one of which has to include outerwear. Fall! It’s time for sweaters and jackets and pumpkin flavored everything! The world rejoices!

The workroom time passes this week with relatively little fanfare. Elena is stressed and stressful to everyone around her, but this seems more normal than anything, and there aren’t any real full-out breakdowns. While Gunnar and Christopher were both less than enthused about working with each other at first, it seems like as they start to work, they’re actually getting along quite well.

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