“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 308 – “Premonitions”


Welcome to another Real L Word recap. At 58 minutes and 17 seconds long, Episode 8 is the longest episode to air this season, so for my own sake and yours, I’ll just dive right in and get through this as quickly as possible.

Lauren, Whitney and Sara are hanging out at the Juicy party at Factory nightclub in West Hollywood, which is conveniently hosted by Whitney – and Sara is one of the dancers. Neither Whitney nor Sara seem to be working tonight. Instead, they listen to Lauren gush about taking a red eye to New York to visit Kiyomi.

Lauren tells us, again, that she has developed strong feelings for Kiyomi – which, as we know, took all of three days at Dinah. Lauren says that she cannot wait to see her and that, “we have a lot of things to do.” Like what? Taking long walks on the beach, playing with kittens and accidentally falling into threesomes? Meow.

Sara jokes that Lauren is falling in love, and Whitney jumps in saying that “There isn’t any way you can un-serious this situation.”

Peanut gallery time.

“I feel Kiyomi has Lauren in the palm of her hand. Doot da doot doot!” says Sara.

And if I make a fist, I can squish her head!

“You’ve got to keep them guessing,” Sara concludes.

“Give them little tastes,” agrees Whitney.

Whitney looks over at Sara and continues, “We gave each other little tastes for over three years before we chomped. And look at us now. We are a month away from walking down the aisle.” They also gave quite a few other people little nibbles for those three years, because they are generous.

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