More about those new “Glee” characters and some old favorites


You’ve seen them, now see them in action. Some of the new Glee kids are featured in yet another new preview of the show’s new season. Say new again! OK. The latest Season 4 promo has a few familiar characters and a few more newbies talking about what’s to come. Oh, just see for yourself.

Looks Rachel is having a hard time at NYADA being all alone with a naked guy. Guess who could help with that and is only a pre-paid Metro North pass ride away? One Quinn Fabray. Too bad she isn’t in this promo at all. Nor is one Santana Lopez nor are kind of a lot of people. But, look, something shiny! It’s the new kids. Apparently they’re “beautiful, talented and hot.” So, you know, judge for yourself.

Cassandra July (played by Kate Hudson)

Someone’s channeling her inner Regina George and putting it all in her dance.

Brody Weston (played by Dean Geyer)

This is the previously mentioned naked guy. Finally, something Faberry and Finchel fans can agree on – they hate him already.

Marley Rose (played by Melissa Benoist)

I guess she’s the new Rachel, because of the bad sweater.

Jake Puckerman (played by Jacob Artist)

Puck’s little brother is also a bad boy and also plays guitar, but blessedly is without a fauwhawk.

Kitty (played by Becca Tobin)

She doesn’t get a last-name, but her first name already tells us all the writers want us to know. She’ll be in a cat fight (Kitty, get it?) with Brittany for the Alpha Cheerio position. Girl, please.

Speaking of Alpha Cheerios, Naya Rivera herself promised more Brittana to come for our two favorite cheerleaders. As Naya tweeted yesterday.

Fox also released the rest of the cast photos (with the same notable exceptions again – Quinn! Emma! Sugar!). Have a look. Any more excited for the show’s return Sept. 13? Or just desperately trying to keep all the new characters straight – just hopefully not in sexuality.


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