Is Paige McCullers the ultimate “Pretty Little Liars” #BetrAyar?


I’m not sure if readers have ever been more excited about an episode of Pretty Little Liars as they are about tomorrow night’s summer finale, not only because of the long-promised epic showdown of epic epicness between Paige McCullers and Spencer Hastings, but also because the sinister #BetrAyar (and Maya’s killer?) will finally be revealed. ABC Family has been inviting viewers to vote in the #BetrAyar Tracker for two weeks now, and I’m sorry to say that three of the top four vote-getters (as of Monday morning) are lesbians.

Paige McCullers, a member of the “A” Team? No! A thousand badrillion noooooos!

No, seriously, I refuse to believe it. For one thing, Lindsey Shaw had filmed lots of post-summer finale episodes. For another thing, if Emily loses another girlfriend, there will be riots in the streets. And for a third thing, my heart absolutely cannot handle it.

Of course, there are a couple of of promo photos from the finale that make her look awfully, well, un-innocent.

But we already know what I think. (Paige is NOT GUILTY, IS WHAT I THINK.) I want to know what you think. This is an open-thread for a full-day discussion about who the #BetrAyar really is — but before we get to chattin’, I want to call your attention to a little something called The Greatest Fan Video Ever Made. This is AfterEllen reader Dana Picoli‘s (@DanaPicoli) Ballad to Rosewood. It’s chock full of #BooRadleyVanCullen hilarity!

Siiiiigh. Hashtag Paily. 

Now, who do you think the #BetrAyar is?

Weigh in on the betrayal in the comments!