“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 307 — “Dream Come True”


Welcome back to your weekly Real L Word recap, where I make you relive the train wreck you just experienced hours ago. The last two episodes followed the cast’s adventures at Dinah Shore weekend, a weekend of unholy pool parties that is all:

Kibbles and tits! Kibbles and tits!

And anyone sober was all:

Every Showtime subscriber last week made this face as well

So then to cope they were all:

Pretty much everyone in the cast groped or made out with one another, Cori got drunk, Lauren and Kiyomi smushed, Romi and Sara yelled at each other, and everyone – whether or not they had been drinking – ended up with a hangover.

This week, the cast is reintegrated into civilian life. Hooray! Episode 307 begins with Whitney and Sara speeding like homing pigeons to the matchmaking service that first brought them together in Season 1: LAX.

Bringing dreams to life!

Whitney and Sara are on their way to Connecticut to visit Whitney’s family. Remember Momma Mixter’s catatonic reaction to the engagement announcement over Skype in Episode 303?


Whitney hopes that announcing the engagement in person will make more of an impact and to “get that excitement and support kicked in.” Also, she plans to come out to her 92 year old grandmother AND announce the engagement to her at the same time. How efficient!

But all of this family business – first Whitney’s, then Sara’s, then Whitney’s again – is stressing the pair out, and Sara says that all of this tension is taking a toll on their relationship.

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