AfterEllen Ultimate Femslash Madness Tournament: Request for Nominations!


When our brothers at announced their Ultimate Slash Madness Tournament, we thought to ourselves, “That is an idea we’re going to steal!” Because what’s the use in having siblings if you can’t share? So, we’ve decided to host our very own Ultimate Femslash Madness Tourney. It’s a competition some of us have been waiting for all our lives. Why, for every Faberry fan posting fanfic on Tumblr these days, there’s a lesbian who was writing Jo/Blair Facts of Life fanfic on the blank pages in the back of her Trapper Keeper in 1985. And now we’re going to pit those subtextual pairings against each other and find out who’s the most popular femslash couple of all time! But we need your help.

Before we kick off the March Madness-style tournament, we want you to help us to decide which femalsh couples to include. We’re going to go with a pretty narrow definition in which “femslash” means a female-female pairing between two characters who are on the same show, but have never had a “canon” romantic relationship. (As in: If you ask the writers/the majority of the show’s fans if the women are a couple, they’d probably say no.) We’re looking for fictional couples only, no “real-life” pairings. Examples include all of the femslash ships you see in the promo image above.

Leave us a comment below or send us a Tweet (@afterellen) and let us know who you think we should include in the tournament. The first round of voting will kick off early next week!

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