First “Glee” Season 4 trailer features Brittany without Santana


Patron Saint of Promising-Yet-Ultimately-Horribly-Frustrating Storylines Ryan Murphy released the first trailer for this little show he does called Glee via his Twitter account yesterday. The trailer features, among other things, our first glimpse of Rachel at NYADA and our first look at Brittany dancing without Santana. I am going to need a minute about that last one. Watch the trailer and talk amongst yourselves.

Right, so, feast your eyes on the remaining McKinley Highers, folks. It looks a little too much like Blaine and the Pips for my liking. Also, where is Sugar? We demand Sugar!

Earlier in the week Mr. Murphy dropped another breadcrumb on faithful Gleeks via his Twitter feed as well when he posted a picture of Kate Hudson in the season premiere. She looks like she stepped out of a Chicago rehearsal with a swishy Chris Evans doppelganger. Hudson plays Cassandra July, Rachel’s tough new dance instructor at NYADA. Guess someone should have paid more attention in booty camp.

Photo courtesy Ryan Murphy’s Twitter

Another troubling development is the total is the lack of Naya Rivera and Dianna Agron in the preview trailer. It’s enough to make Quinn and Santana fans collectively hyperventilate into an enormous paper bag. As is this shot of Brittany dancing with not-Santana.

Also, please tell me given their props they aren’t doing a remix of Red Solo Cup. Once is so much more than enough.

But fear not, Santana fans. Aunty Tana will be back. Rivera tweeted a picture of her new Season 4 look. So it looks like she accepted that full cheerleading scholarship to the University of Louisville that Brittany and Coach Sylvester handed her on a silver platter. Go Cards! And Lea Michele gave Brittana fans the reunion we’ve all been waiting for.

Photo courtesy Lea Michele’s Twitter

The invasion of The Glee Project contestants continues as Alex Newell joins New Directions. But I like Unique, so I’ll accept it. Though I’m considerably less accepting of Brittany’s inability to distinguish Unique from Mercedes. So in addition to being blind, Brittany is now kinda racist? Sure, she’s no brain surgeon, but she’s also not someone who believes the stereotype that all black people look alike. Oh, Glee.

So, thoughts on the first trailer? Missing Santana and Quinn? Don’t worry, no one missed Finn.

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