“#Litter: The Real L Word” puts the L in Twitter


Welcome back to #Litter, where we take the best Tweets from Real L Word girls, put them in a police line-up, and let you judge who’s guilty of indecent exposure.

Last week, we learned that Sara is not only addicted to eyebrow pencil, she’s a “humanitarian.” And Romi confirmed for a fan that, yes, some of the other castmembers are “cunt flaps.” Can I get a twitness?

This week, Hunter Valentine hears from its fans, Kelsey has needs, and Whitney is more popular than the largest feminist organization in America.

The Hunter Valentine Fan Club:

Look for Hunter Valentine’s new single, “Utter Douche,” available on iTunes next month.

In case the music thing doesn’t work out for Kiyomi:

Even Channing Tatum thinks this is a terrible idea, and he’s a robot..

Amanda’s message to whom?

Romi, probably.

Speaking of Romi:

You’re welcome.

How ya doing, Kelsey?

Obviously typed with one hand…

Because we just can’t get enough Kiyomi:

Call me maybe. NOT.

Remember Sajdah?

Stay classy, motherfucker.

A sign of the coming apocalypse:

Dreadlocks: 1. Equal rights: 0.

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