“Bunheads” mini-cap (1.08) “Blank Up, It’s Time”


Fanny Flowers has returned, and Paradise once again feels comfortable with its name.

Too much? Maybe. But post-vacation Fanny is the best Fanny ever. (You probably agree with that even if you’ve never seen Bunheads.) She is relaxed and happy and smiles a lot.

Most amazing of all, she seems to like Michelle. She even invites her to a matinee.

Part of the change — probably most of it — is due to the presence of a very nice-looking man whom, we discover, is Fanny’s long-term lovah, Michael.

We discover that Michael is a musician who travels a lot, and he’s been Fanny bumping for 30 years.

I would totally watch a show with nothing more than Kelly Bishop and Sutton Foster bantering. I feel almost sacrilegious saying this, but I think they have better chemistry than Bishop and Lauren Graham.

At the matinee, Michelle meets GG alum o’ the week Chris Eigeman, playing theater director Conor. Since he shares Michelle’s humor and rate of speech, the two eventually end up in bed together, but post-coital bliss turns into tears for Hubbell, much to Michelle’s surprise and embarrassment. If Conor is anything like Jason from GG — and face it, he’s exactly the same character — I suspect Michelle was crying less out of grief than out of despair that the late great Hubbell was much better in bed.

Meanwhile, Sasha’s temporary insanity continues. She actually comes to class with tan lines on her back and Fanny is so incensed that she gives Boo a part in a Ginger Rogers bit that Sasha has “always” done.

Sasha pretends that she doesn’t care, but comes to Fanny’s next class with blue hair and news that she is trying out for cheerleader — perhaps the worst thing she could do to insult her teacher. Fanny kicks her out of class — for good.

The Fred to Boo’s Ginger is Carl, who is clearly smitten with Boo and will doubtless win her heart once he stops calling her “Bettina” and realizes that a Stewie Griffin imitation is more likely to impress Gay Josh than Boo.

“Blank Up, It’s Time” is my favorite episode so far, probably because it focused on the characters without some kind of forced wacky plotline inserted in the mix. OK, without a lot of forced wacky plotline.

Random ASP moments:

“The Killing Fields? That was me. I killed those fields.”

“You sound like a sad Dr. Seuss.”

“They talked faster back then. It’s funnier when it’s faster.”

“Did you see that? I was caught between that woman’s giant legs!”

“I love getting sloshed at the theater”

“[Sasha] was Black Swan before you took her Ginger Rogers.”

“Now she’s Defcon Swan.”

How did you like this episode of Bunheads? Share your favorite ASP-isms in the comments.

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