#Litter: “The Real L Word” on Twitter


Twitter can provide real insight into a person’s mind because some twits spend more time working on how to come in under 140 characters than they do thinking about what we’re going to say. Case in point, certain Olympians who should’ve left their inner racists at home. Just saying.

And that is why I love Twitter and all its no-filter, spell-checkless, foot-in-mouth glory! This summer, I’ve been Twitter stalking the girls from The Real L Word. I’m sort of new to the show, but now that I’m here, I can’t get enough of these ladies. They put the “L” in Twitter… which makes no sense now that I say it out loud. Whatever. Here are some fun and random tweets from the girls:

Sara’s tweets are kind of boring, but I love the amazeballs way she describes herself.

First and foremost, she’s a humanitarian. A better profile, I seldom read of.

Here, Romi interacts with a fan and gives her a behind-the-scenes scoop.

Twat you say? She c-nt hear you, mainly because she has a penis in her ear.

Kelsey would like to set the record straight:

You tell ’em, Kelz. But from what I’ve heard, they might have a point about that last one.

Lauren doesn’t need 140 characters to tell us what’s on her mind.

Nuff said.

And for the win:

I believe the politically correct term is “little person.”

Check back next week for more fun tweets, and possibly, some poetry from Kelsey. Can you even stand it?!

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