“Pretty Little Liars” recap (3.07) – Codename: Crazy


If you spent last week looking for my Pretty Little Liars recap, I’ll bet you felt confused and betrayed, huh? All those clues led you to believe it’d be here shortly, but it never showed up. I wanted you to know what it feels like to be an Emily Fields in real life, is all. Just kidding! I had some medical complications last week that kept me in a Vicodin coma for nearly six full days. I’m sorry I didn’t get around to recapping “Remains of the ‘A.'” Not only because I missed your commentary, but also because it was a Norman Buckley-directed episode, which means it was gorgeous, and I like to talk about that. But I did make a photo recap of the episode so we can get caught up together.

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Now, onto “Crazy!”

Pretty Little Liars 3.07

Ashley Marin has taken her first trip to Out of Town this season, probably to get some toner for her fax machine and also to rob some little old ladies — but on the phone in the light of day with no zombies or flashbacks in sight, Hanna’s feeling pretty good. She chats merrily with her mom on the phone, assuring her that no dead teenage girls have been found in her absence, no therapists have been buried alive. But the day’s forecast goes from Sunny to Mostly Cloudy With A Chance Of Doom when Detective Snape comes a-knockin. The blood on that anklet was not Garrett’s, but it was O-negative — same as Hanna’s — so he wants her to come on down to the courthouse and give up a blood sample.

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