Cassidy Freeman on “Longmire” and what we didn’t see on “The Playboy Club”


AE: Wonderful. I was also reading online that some people thought there were some lesbian undertones for your character on Smallville. I was wondering if you ever saw that or if you think people just like to read into subtext?

CF: [Laughs] Yes, I think people do like to read into subtext. I also think that Tess Mercer was a really special character. I don’t think that she was a lesbian but I definitely think she could be that girl who would kiss another girl at a party.

AE: Yeah.

CF: You know, to shock someone. I think she was really open and free in that way and just super-sexual. I mean, they set it up in this way where I had a lot of scenes with Erica and I’d be, like, fingering her French maid costume.


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AE: Right.

CF:I’d be like “You get what this looks like, right? I mean, you’re not idiots.”

AE: [Laughs] Right, right.

CF: And they’d be like, “Yeah, no, no, no, it’s good.” I think they may have painted a few undertones but I don’t think that was really meant to be a storyline.

AE: Do you identify with any of your characters more than another one?

CF: I have to identify with all of them or I can’t play them. I think Cady Longmire I definitely identify with and I think it’s easier because she’s the most natural character I’ve played to date. Depending on the character I might have to dig deep to find their normalism and humanism and the things that I can relate to. Like with The Vampire Diaries or with The Playboy Club — well, actually, The Playboy Club was actually pretty natura,l too. But Cady Longmire is pretty natural and I don’t have to dig that deep to find the things I relate to. I grew up in Montana half the time and I’m very connected to that part of the world and I love my dad. And I know what it’s like to want something bigger than you have so all those things made her super relatable to me.


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AE: Cool. I also saw that you attended the series finale party of The L Word. Were you a fan of the show?

CF: I was a fan of that show. I loved that show, I thought it was a lot of fun. I actually got on the bandwagon late and then ended up watching a lot of it on dvd but I loved that show. I just thought it would be a really cool party to go to.

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AE: Definitely. And on our site every year our readers vote on the hottest 100 women and I was just wondering if there was someone you could nominate like a celebrity or woman you love would you say is the hottest woman.

CF: A celebrity?

AE: Yes.

CF: I’m like, “My mom!” No, I’m only kidding.

AE: [Laughs]

CF: A hot celebrity — I’ve got to say i’ve always had it out for Maggie Gyllenhaal. I just think she’s sexy as hell. I think she’s different looking and I think she’s f–king awesome! [Laughs]

AE: Yeah!

CF: I actually have a picture of her that I’ve had for about eight years that I pulled out of a magazine because I love the picture so much and I put it in my work folder. I have this sort of clear folder that has my headshots and resumes and audition work and whatever and her picture is on the back side of it facing out because I just think she’s so strong.

AE: She is. I’ve always loved her since Secretary. That was my favorite movie back in the day. I used to love her in that.

CF: Yeah, that was a great movie.

AE: Anything you can tease about Longmire to keep people tuned in and watching?

CF: There is a really big secret that is revealed at the end of the series and you don’t have to wait that long because there are only 10 episodes. So there is a big reveal at the end and you know, little personal reveals as we go along with my relationship and Katee Sackhoff’s — Vic’s — relationship and all that stuff so, definitely gets more personal as the show goes on.

Longmire airs Sunday nights at 10/9 central on A&E. You can watch episodes online at

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