Rutina Wesley, Lucy Griffiths, Camilla Luddington tease the new season at the “True Blood” premiere


To some, summer might be the time to put on the sunscreen for some beach time or catch the latest big screen blockbuster but for TV fans, it means only one thing – True Blood is back! The fifth season of the addictive, sexy and bloody HBO thriller kicks off Sunday and fans can expect the usual supernatural spells, excessive gore and equal parts romance and hot and heavy lust (often with same sex partners.) was on the red carpet last week in Hollywood for the red carpet premiere of True Blood and grabbed some time with Rutina Wesley (Tara) and new cast members including Brit Lucy Griffiths, who plays Nora, the sister to Vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), Camilla Luddington who, as Claudette, will counsel Sookie (Anna Paquin) and some of the other sexy ladies of Bon Temps.

The big question for Wesley, of course, was will the unlucky-at-love Tara be sharing any sexy love scenes this year with a woman as she did last season with Naomi (Vedette Lim). Hear what she had to say about that and whether she thinks Tara will ever get her happily ever after.

If the enthusiastic reaction stunning Griffiths received on the red carpet is any indication, the British actress’s star is definitely on the rise. She stopped on the red carpet to talk with us about Nora’s vulnerability and teased the “unusual relationship” she has with a main character.

Luddington first grabbed attention for playing Kate Middleton in last year’s Lifetime TV movie but now she’s playing a fairy on True Blood so we thought it was fitting to see if we’ll see any gay faeries on the series and if faeries are really all-good.

While True Blood already seems heavily populated there are some new faces coming this season including the always welcome Carolyn Hennesy, who is best known as Barb on Cougar Town. Starting with the second episode of the season, Hennesy will be appearing as Rosalyn Harris, a vampire who, compared to sassy Barb, is “just as smart, just as witty, just as funny.” The actress added, “I wanted to make sure that my Rosalyn, my vampire, had a sense of humor because if you can’t laugh at the fact that you’re close to 2000 years old, what can you laugh at?”

Valentina Cervi is also joining that cast as Salome, who, the actress said is “2000 years old, she’s very powerful, she’s part of the authority [and] she has a big wound inside of her because she’s been betrayed…” While Cervi said the bulk of her scenes are with fellow new regular Chris Meloni (Law & Order: SVU), we asked about her character’s romantic situation on the show and, obviously having been coached not to give too much away, she would only tease that “it’s going to be very interesting.” She did hint that “Salome is a seductress so she’s going to encounter different characters.”

With all the new characters, don’t count the regulars out. Lauren Bowles (Holly) said we’ll see more of her personal life this season as her Wiccan character gets more involved with Sheriff Andy Belefleur (Chris Bauer). Bowles is definitely happy to have more to do this season and said by showing more of Holly’s personal life “it’s become so much more three-dimensional as an actor when you get to meet [Holly’s] family and see her in relationships [and] have some struggles.” She did warn that overall the new season is “a true free-for-all! It is survival of the fittest!” (Tip for the writers – wouldn’t it be more exciting if the series borrowed from another supernatural series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and gave the resident Wiccan a female love interest instead?)

Finally, if there’s horror and drama happening in Bon Temps, you can expect Ginger (Tara Buck) to be somewhere close by screaming her head off. Buck said that she isn’t the kind of actor who puts much thought into her character’s frequent screaming. “My method is how I’m feeling and I react at the moment and, yeah, it changes. I would say it’s very scene appropriate. It’s whatever is going on.” But Buck had love on her mind and when asked who she would love to see Ginger hook up. The first name out of her mouth? Pam, played by Kristin Bauer. (We’d all scream if and when that happened, right?!)

True Blood’s new season begins Sunday, June 10 at 9pm et/pt on HBO.