“Push Girls” premieres on the Sundance Channel


Tonight the Sundance Channel will premiere its reality show about a group of four female friends living in L.A. These friends are beautiful, driven women who share one thing in common: As one of them says, “I have 26-inch rims on the side of my ass. It’s hard not to get attention.”

Push Girls follows Tiphany, Auti, Angela and Mia as they live their life in wheelchairs. Sound like a sad situation? It’s not. In fact, it’s one of the only reality shows you’ll probably ever watch that makes you feel good while you’re watching it. These women aren’t living sad and alone — they’re entering ballroom dance competitions, getting into modeling, going out to clubs and having relationships with men and women.

Tiphany Adams is bisexual and, in the first episode, we find out a guy named Matt has broken her heart. After getting close to her, he decided he wanted to sleep with other women. Tiphany wasn’t having that, so she broke up with him. And now she’s met a great woman named Yoko, but Matt’s texting her, asking where they went wrong. Tiphany is figuring things out, and her friends are there to help her. They’re all worried about her, as she wears her heart on her sleeve.

Of course their lives are affected by the fact they are paraplegic and quadriplegic, but they present the truths about their daily lives and how they do things you might assume they can’t, like drive cars or have sex. (Yes, seriously — people ask Tiphany if she can have sex.) Push Girls is about women who love life and have a deep bond as they navigate a world that isn’t always prepared to accommodate them. Angela finds struggles in finding a modeling agency who seeks a model in a wheelchair while Auti finds it frustrating to not be able to dance like she used to. But Tiphany and Mia’s problems haven nothing to do with their chairs: Tiphany is trying to find love without getting her heart stomped on while Mia deals with a boyfriend who doesn’t want to have kids like she does.

Push Girls is some of the most engaging TV you will watch this summer and it’s just a bonus that Tiphany is an out bisexual woman whose relationships with men and women are on equal ground. Bisexual women get a terrible representation on reality television, for the most part, and so far it appears Tiphany’s personal journey is more akin to someone who dates both sexes and is most concerned about who excites her as well as treats her right. From episodes one and two, it appears that woman is Yoko.

You can watch the first episode below or tune in tonight to watch episodes one and two on the Sundance Channel.